I just bought 2300 Steem Monster Packs, YOLO!

in steemmonsters •  4 months ago

Deciding if I should open them live on @dlive or just hold on to them until Alpha packs sell out.

Anyone have any idea how long this would even take?

I already have a decent collection, but I am missing all dragons but Selena Sky.

My Legendaries

My Foils



Ok, I fomo'd a little in my pants.

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ha ha ha i bought 3 booster packs today and thought I was living the dream....

1150!!!! good luck and hope you score big!

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Open some and save the rest. You have enough to do both.

1150 packs? Well, that's a hell lot of packs. Do you consider opening them one by one?
It might take ..some time :) And I also think that you have to be extremely unlucky not to find those dragons in all those packs


I'm either going to save them for when Alpha's sell out or open them on a live stream for a few hours.


That might just drop you at least a Gold Foil Legendary, about 1100 is the drop rate if I'm correct :D

Well in 24 hours, there will be no more Alpha Boosters so hold onto a few to see how the market reacts. Although if you crack open them now and sell the cards you can still buy more. Muahahaha!

Either way, we need some !popcorn in here :-P

Yolo indeed! Wonder what are the odds you get no gold legenderay from them

Congratulations on your purchase! You scored some great cards! 👏


I haven't opened them yet, these are from my original 180 Pack purchase.


Oh, I'm sorry. I misunderstood you! I saw that they are unopened but then I got confused...

I'm sure you're going to find some dragons 😊

Wow - now that's commitment.

You're clearly going to open SOME of them on dlive, and gift some, of course!

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I'm a fan of the "buying and holding until alphas run out" approach myself. I'm thinking there will be a premium on sealed alpha product in the future. Even with the artifacts... that's a total of 10 new alpha packs a day if 5 people buy the $10,000 Kickstarter tier, which I don't see happening personally. My thoughts are after a few expansions... alphas will be fairly rare. I think we just have to wait for a front end that allows us to sell specific packs.

Now THAT'S what I call being all in! Maybe you'll open a few live online?

I'm so jealous! I have only been able to buy around 10 booster packs! Hope I can buy a few more before they sell out. I wish you get a lot of good cards in those 1150 packs and you share them... Just kidding!

It seems like they should go in the next 24-48 hours! I got some last night before they were sold out. Still needing one Legendary: Angel of Light!

Can a man get some !popcorn in here?

Do you know what pain you caused for many other Steemonians?

Oh wow what 😁 that's a hell of a stack of cards!

6 hours ago? Didn't you buy another big stash at the last minute as well? :)

I got 21 packs and keep 20 for selling. The drop chances are pretty low and if people are paying like $10-$20 for one than I would prefer that.


Yeah, I tried to get a third stash but was beat.

Dang .. that is allot ... I bought 24 when there was 2000 left and when my purchase was done they were all sold out. I planned on opening 4 and keeping 20 but I couldn't help myself and opened them all.

I am missing two dragons also but have two of Selena Sky. I am thinking of selling one to purchase the two dragons I am missing since for some reason she is worth double the other dragons.

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Just send them as a gift to me, I'll do the live stream of opening them and send you the dragons. YOLO make your life simple, let me do the work :p

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