Successfully Sold 16 Epic Steem Monsters Cards To Two Bidders In My Recent Steembay Auction !!

in steemmonsters •  6 months ago


Hello All Dear Steemit Friends,

So guys 2 Days ago i started an Auction through @steembay to sell my 8 Epic Steemmonsters Card and Suprisingly i recieved two good Bid from :-

1. @czechglobalhosts .

2. @masterthematrix .

So @czechglobalhosts Choose to pay for those cards using his Upvote and on the other hand @masterthematrix paid 8.5 SBD for 8 Epic Cards,

Organising this Auction was a really great experience and i hope you all are going to buy more in these Steemmonsters Auctions in near future,

Currently I Have Two On Going Auctions For :-

1. SteemMonsters Auction :- "Gold Dragon" ( Legendary Card ) !!

2. SteemMonsters Auction :- "Elemental Phoenix" ( Legendary Card ) !!

So if you are interested then Place you Bid As Soon As Possible.

Enjoy Steemmonsters !!

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Gold Dragon would be amazing to have... absolute monster..

Ok...i do see this monster card on the internet, but i dont really know their use, i would have ordered for them.

Can you tell me more about them?

What a fun experience this was and pleasure dealing with @thecrytotrader. Thanks again!

PS: I am planning big Monster Pack give-away in two or three days so for those interested keep checking my blog!


Thanks amd looking forward to your giveaway buddy "Thomas".

Why should I buy these ... just collection or this has something to do witht he power of the your account?

That's really great! I like how you are using this platform to your advantage. There are lots of things we can do through this blockchain. Good job!

I can really recommend buying from @thecrytotrader. He had to make quite a difficult decision when he received to different offers from me and @czechglobalhosts (via Upvote).
But he found a really good solution to make both of us happy, and that is not a common thing in a decentralized environment. Thanks again for the good service!


Thanks iam glade that you like my decision,and i put that Auction for helping others for completing their cards ,so it's all right,as long as you both enjoyed the Auction iam happy.😃