[STEEM MONSTERS] My Season One Results

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Hey guys!

I've been really into the Steem Monsters lately as it is pretty fun, interesting and also rewarding in my opinion.

In Steem Monsters, you can verse other people who play this game and battle your way up the leaderboard. If your battle score goes up, you get a chance of advancing into the next league level. In the first season, I've seen people go as far as diamond but towards the last few weeks of the season, people started reaching Champion level too which is higher than diamond! As you go up a league level, you win Steem Monster cards which you can use in your battles and also level up existing cards if you happen to have a few of the same cards.

There are also daily quests available for you to complete and once you've completed those quests, you can get a free pack of cards to open too! This is what I meant by rewarding :)

Here are my results from Season One!
From Bronze, I advanced through to Silver, Gold and then...

Screen Shot 2018-10-27 at 3.27.03 pm.png

Screen Shot 2018-10-27 at 5.06.34 pm.png

Screen Shot 2018-11-01 at 7.24.11 pm.png

Yes, Champion 2 was my highest achievement! It was pretty hard to get there as so many people had awesome and strong teams. Sometimes I think that winning wasn't always about the type or level of card I was using but also how lucky I was. Why do I say this? I've versed the same person 2 times in a row and we both used the same cards in every game (so nothing was swapped out) and one game that other person won and the next I won too.

I managed to get onto the top 100 of the leaderboards in Season One which is pretty good, really. Second season is looking harder as the scores are way beyond 4000 and 5000!! Regardless of the competition right now, it is a pretty fun game and even if you don't make the top leaderboards, just have a go, have some fun and try complete some daily tasks if you can and build your cards from there :)

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