Finally, I joined @steemmonsters adventure

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Just as some famous minds have said - better now than ever.

I took advantage of the promotion to receive 75 packages free on a single order of 500.

The result is super I guess because I got these cards:

  • 55 gold cards
  • 29 legendary
  • 182 epic
  • 729 rare
  • 2010 common

The most remarkable is - Selenia Sky


and Gold Dragon


Congratulations to the entire team working on creating the game and if you follow my videos now you know I like playing card games ( Hearthstone )

If you have not yet purchased packages, hurry because they are left only- 43256 at the time of preparing the post

Congratulations @yabapmatt for the wonderful idea and we will meet in battle when you finish the game.

Screenshots from website.

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Wow, two Gold Foil Legendary  cards! That's a great way to start in the game! Are you planing to join the battles and tournaments, or are you planning to HODL your cards and sell them later for profit? Either way, you're all set to do really well, with that collection. Congratulations!

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