Season ending and Thursday Giveaway

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Season ends in under 4 hours

It has been quite busy day, with ranked battles and daily quest.
I fell like a stone on the leaderboard while doing the daily quest, as I got impatient and almost only used the splinter the quest was for. I know it is stupid as all good players will know how to beat my team.
So I try to battle different splinters in between, but I always tend to go with the splinter my quest is for.
Catching up a bit, but will be hard to get to top 10
Good luck to all players

Daily giveaways this week

This week I will be giving away 1 card for each day until friday, if I get time I will also do Saturday and sunday.
The cards will be sent to the winners next monday ( feb 4th)

Todays card:
Pirate archer

Also check out

Rules are as usual:

Just type your steemmonster username in comment section.
No upvote, resteem or follow required.
I would appreciate if you do any of it though.
Winners will be announced on monday

Battle of the day:


If you do not participate in tournaments you are missing out, it`s fun and a great experience.
Also a good way to talk to other players via Discord.
If you want to check out when there are, or what kind of tournaments are coming up;
check out this website : Created by holger80

Have fun with steemmonsters

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I stopped playing for this season. I reached 2807 with last fight, took my Rewards for the quest from today and now I wait for the rest. It's quite a lot that I manage to come to Diamond III in my second season. First season I finished with Silver III. In Diamond the players are to strong for me, so I have no chance to reach Diamond II in this season. So I just look arround at steemit and safe the 200 points, not to take risk to go down to Gold I and cannot come back to Diamond III again.


If you reach diamond III ( or any other leauges) You will get the reward for that. You get season rewards for highest reached league, does not matter if you go down to bronze league.
But I do understand your concern, had the same myself in the beginning


Yes this I know, but it was just some hours before reset. If I play further and go down to Gold I instead of Diamond III I love 200 points after reset (1600 insteed of 1800) and I really try to battle in Diamond - I had really no chance. If have only few monsters more than level 1 and opponents come with monster from level 6 and so on. F.E. at my earth team I have only Summoner and flesh golem from BETA edition more than level 1 and some rewards cards also, all other are at level 1. By water summoner is level 1 and so on - with this cards no chance in Diamond league.


Ah. That is understandable. Joining giveaways to get cards is one way to upgrade your deck. have you played any tournaments? If not you should give it a try, most tournaments are gold, silver and bronze. Good luck with the new season


Yes I played three tournaments till now. I think you also participated in thia 1000 STEEM + 100 Booster pack tournament from @aggroed - I was playing before the warmup from @theaustrianguy and one more. But as it was diamond tournaments I had no chance, I get both time in first round opponents from Championsleague (more than 3700 rating) and was out. I wanted to play one bronze tournament, but unfornately just when I wanted to register shortly before start my computer hang up and time was left when I was able to join. But I will look for more tournaments - I think will be better from me to play bronze. Thanks I will try to proceed in this season. In the moment I'm just in Silver I, I could manage after reset coming to Gold III but could not keep the league in the moment.

Hope I win!! I just started playing today.


Good. Enjoy the game. just join every giveaway you can see, get your chances up
Thanks for follow :-)