Steem Monsters Is Up and Running Are You Playing?

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2018-10-20 21_27_18-Steem Monsters - Collect, Trade, Battle!.png

Hello all hope you are having a good day. My Dodgers are going back to the World Series. I went to a game last year but will be staying home this time. Cause if I am going to spend $1000 bucks on something it is going to be Steem Monsters. I have been playing a lot and I have done okay so far for a guy with no maxed cards yet.

2018-10-20 21_17_40-Steem Monsters - Collect, Trade, Battle!.png

That is me ranked 87. I was has high as 72 at one point but those guys with maxed cards are keeping me from going higher. but I will take gold in the first month as a good start. I have been trying to find a good deck with 19 mana this week and the bummer is my high level death team just doesn't have a good combo. Magic reflect is too strong for the only 19 mana team I can make So I might have to go buy some cards for the next team. I don't mind as I am sure that all these cards are going up in price. Daily Tournaments are coming soon with prizes over 100 a day. That should get more people playing once it is happening and t hat will drive up the prize pool even more. So if you are not playing yet Join us If you do let me know I can sent you a few cards to help you start. Once you pick a team. You will have to buy some cards before I give anything away I am looking to help new players not give someone a few cards to hold and sell.

For the people that are playing what team should I level next. I got death to 7 leaving them there for now. I am thinking about going fire but also thinking earth. Well guys keep on playing and lets all have some fun.

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Congrats you managed to pass 1900 points. That is good for you. I can not reach there and need to upgrade my desk. I hope I can do after one month.


Ya I had to spend 40 SBD on the game to get there and now I am thinking I leveled the wrong team haha.


Wow. I think death is weak against fire but in low level it is very strong.

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I have been hearing of steem monsters and I feel lost. Anything I should know about it?. What is it about


It is a strategy game. You buy the cards and make a team. Rignt now cards on market are pretty cheap when compared to other card games. You do own them and call sell them when you want. Soon they will have daily contest to win steem and cards. So once that starts prices should rise as more people try to win the prizes.


Wow that's great so how do i begin?


click on the link in my post to go to their site and buy a 10 dollar starter pack. From there give me your name and I will send you some cards of the team you seem to like but have to tell me the team after you review them a bit. After that if you quit I do ask that maybe you send me a few cards back. Just know that cards have levels and to level them up you have to combine the same card. So in order to compete at the highest level you will have to buy some cards. Packs are 2 bucks but on the market you can get the cards much cheaper and pick the ones you want. You are going to want to buy beta cards as trying to get enough Alpha is going to be hard cause they are already done selling them. Unless you ready to spend a lot of money. A max summoner is going to run 80 bucks or more but you don't need that to just try the game out.

I am playing. Went back to level 1 for a couple of days to figure out some basics, but today I will be fighting with my leveled cards again :0)


Cool hope a lot of people enjoy playing the matching system should get better once more people play.

I envy your enthusiasm.

Play on...

Namaste, JaiChai

Te felicito @stever82, sigue jugando.

puedo enviarle algunas tarjetas para ayudarlo a comenzar.

Es muy generoso de tu parte, pero no entiendo cómo se juega, siempre me ayudo con el traductor, no participare, gracias que tengas un lindo día, un abrazo.

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