Steem Monsters Raffle #1 - RARE! Steem Monster「罕見」卡抽獎

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I am falling in LOVE with Steem Monsters!

Not sure if you have watched my recent (16) booster packs opening, see here - I actually got some pretty nice draw this time. With that in mind, I want to start a raffle myself so that everybody can enjoy the fun that all of us have with Steem Monsters.

不確定你是否看過我最近打開了16包的 助推器booster packs, 沒有的話請到 此處 - 我這次得到了一些相當不錯的卡。我想自己做一個抽獎, 這樣每個人都可以更加享受Steem Monsters的樂趣。

What we are raffling this time! Beta Cyclops!
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4 Simple Rules For the Giveaway

4 個簡單的抽獎規則

  • Upvote this post
  • Resteem this post
  • Leave a comment on this post with your username to receive the card
    在這篇文章上留下評論與您的Steem username.
  • Also, what is the most expensive monster card you have drawn thus far?
    到目前為止, 你抽到最昂貴的卡是什麼?

==== ==== ==== ====
4 simple rules to get into this raffle #1! The winning party will be announced in 7 days! To be fair, I will also use a random number picker to pick the winners. I will send out the monster card within 24 hours after the completion of this giveaway event! Good luck everyone!

4個簡單的規則進入這個抽獎 #1!獲勝的派對將在7天內公佈!為了公平起見,我也會使用亂數選擇器來挑選獲勝者。我會在這個贈品活動完成後的 2 4小時內發出怪物卡!祝大家好運!

Go Steem! Go Steem Monsters!


The best card I have pulled is a Legendary Hydra out of daily booster pack I think hydra is one of the best cards because the fact that it is playable with any summoner. I know his mana is high but he at lvl1 has 3 melee attack and 8 health but his ability heal bumps his health every turn. My name is @theduck46

Steem name: @stealthtrader
Most valuable card drawn: Gold Xia Seachan (Beta)

Screen Shot 2018-11-18 at 8.55.16 PM.png

My most expensive card is Lord of Darkness
My user name is @aykaco

@minimining my best card I have get is shinlo. Sold it for 175

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Shin-lo for $175? seriously!!!?

yes. I do not know what the price are at market today but maybe 150. It is the only one with only one mana. I get it in Kickstartercampain

I found it,

This comment was made from

Yes. You can find in market under Promocards


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@minminlou, I just figured out SHIN-LO is worth $175, OMG, that's the best card I had!!


I received the Chromatic Dragon legendary monster from one of the reward booster packs at the end of season 2. My first Dragon monster!

My most expensive card is Selenia Sky I won from one of the my session end booster reward packs and my user name is @motherearthist

My most expensive card is Angel of Light I won it from my first season reward booster packs.
My user name is @azalealife


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