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I have said many times that I am not a gamer, but @SteemMonsters somehow sucked me in. There is nothing wrong with gaming, but I really need to be doing other things. I do win some cards, but the value does not justify my time. So I came up with a way to stop me playing whilst helping my #TenKMinnows scheme to help small Steem accounts build up. The project has stalled a bit and this may be a way to get it going again.

I have built up quite a collection of cards and I am prepared to lease them to people who can make use of them.

This is most of the collection. There are a few more neutral cards. My Water summoner is Level 3, Earth, Death and Dragon Level 2, others Level 1.

I am not going to charge for cards, but I am setting some conditions. To be considered for a lease you need to meet at least one of the following conditions:

  • Sign up to Steem Monsters with my referral link and at least buy a starter pack. I can lease you some cards that will speed up your progress past the lower Leagues. I will actually give away some cards that I have too many of.
  • Delegate to @TenkMinnows. You need to delegate at least 250SP to qualify.
  • Buy @steembasicincome tokens for a redfish.
  • Give some votes to redfish.
  • Suggest accounts who could use the support of the project.
  • Come up with your own initiative to build up some redfish. Write a post about it and tag me. If you are already doing something and want some cards then get in touch.
  • Something else. Tell me some other way you can help increase the number of minnows. I am open to suggestions and may edit this post to add any good ones I get.

I am not going to get too specific on how this will work and how long the lease will last. If you qualify or have suggestions then contact me on Discord. I am steevc#3022 there and you can find me in various channels, including the Steem Monsters one. There is also a 10k-minnows-project channel on State of Steem forums. I am sure you can track me down. You can always leave a comment here.

If you just want to discuss ways to support the small accounts, but are not interested in the game then we can still talk.

I am powering up all my Steem at the moment to support more people. I am also open to creating Steem accounts for free and will delegate to people who can show they create good content elsewhere.

Steem on and make minnows!

The geeky guitarist and facilitator of the 10K Minnows Project.

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@steemmonsters is definitely time consuming, although you can get some pretty good payments for cards you get from the rewards - it’s also relatively simple for small accounts to get started and build up a little steem at the same time.

I’ll send anyone your way I can think of.

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I have said many times that I am not a gamer, but @SteemMonsters somehow sucked me in

I’m not gamer either and I just can’t multitask.

I would support SteemMonsters from the sidelines

I’ll look into @TenkMinnows this week

Have a wonderful weekend

Your support would be much appreciated. I do need to find more candidates who need a boost

@steevc I'm overwhelmed when I see such people believe in helping each other. In fact my recent post is about the same topic, "Real Heroes" who try to help and inspire others.

Here I got some positive vibes, so I'll be in touch. As I like to be surrounded with positive spirits in the Steemit ocean to swim together.

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Sounds good @steevc. I'm also rethinking my Steem Monsters strategy. With the new DEC the gap between the higher players and the rest of us is just getting bigger and bigger. it's depressing seeing them showing off their new cards all the time not to mention have to play against them.

Not sure what I want to do yet though. Need a break that's for sure.

Let us know how you get on with your project and have a fun weekend! 😁

I've not seen the new cards yet and not got enough DEC to do anything with it yet. I did at least go up another level today so I get a few more cards. I need a break from it

Congrats on going up a level. I was glad to take a break from it today too. It can get very compulsive. But then, so can steemit!

I definitely have a like/hate relationship with Steem Monsters. I don't think I can say I ever love it though. 😂

Hope you are having a fun Bank Holiday! 😍

Another great initiative Steve, this weekend we are moving definitive so from next week ill be putting more time again in steemit and will try help you with the minow project !!

If you look at what @tenkminnows is seeing then that is a good start (if you ignore my posts). Any help is always appreciated.

I can relate as the new DEC system has me going further down the rabbit hole!

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What an awesome idea .
And a great way for minnows to get started in Steem Monsters

Have an awesome day!

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This is a great idea. Good luck with that. I have tried to lease out some individual cards a while ago and I didn't have a ton of luck. I think you will get a lot o takers leasing out your whole deck though.

No takers yet. I will post again about it soon. Meanwhile I've been playing some more, but I hit my limit at Silver I. Just can't progress beyond that and I'm not looking to buy more cards.

Worst case you start burning some of your cards and use the DEC's to buy potions or orbs...

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