Steem Monsters Facebook & Telegram Weekly Update!

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Hello everyone! What a great week it has been in the Steem Monsters Official Facebook group! There were so many new members! Everyone is getting so excited with both new Steem Monster videos showing battling!
Many people are now leveling up their cards to prepare to battle soon! There are only a certain number of people who will be able to max out each common card and others before they run out!
Each week in the Facebook group, I will have a Sharing Contest/Giveaway! Follow the link below to join us there and get in on it!
The goal here is to share the Facebook group with many others! We want to have as many new Monsters as we can find! I make a poll each week of a few different available prizes and you get to help decide which one you want! The Winner of the 2nd Week FB Giveaway of the Selenia Sky is.........

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@ange.nkuru Won!!!

I did give a special second place this week and it was @stackin who recieved a Gold Foil common!

I am also having another special surprise bonus prize this week for a few other Facebook Monsters!
As you can see in the FB Chart below, the top two Steem Monster FB Stars for sharing the most on FB and Steemit were @merej99 who received a Gold Foil Haunted Spider and @crystalhuman who received a Gold Foil Animated Corpse.
Thank you both so much for all of your work, I appreciate you all!

Current Facebook Stats:

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undeadpriest (2).png

This week's Facebook giveaway is a Gold Foil Medusa Rare card!
For this contest, please resteem this Steem Monsters post & then join us in the Facebook Group listed below!
Then add your Steem name in the FB group for the giveaway!

I thank you so much for helping us all reach new members to join us! Steem Monsters can be so much fun, your whole family might love them! I know mine does but I am by far the biggest Steem Monster fan in my family, lol!

Medusa_gold (600px, 23.976fps).gif


We also have a Steem Monsters Telegram group! The current total is 45 members! We had a pop up giveaway in Telegram this week and 4 people won 4 Summoners each!
Congrats to @swolesome, @masterthematrix, @idandy & @stever82! I am so sorry about your Aunt stever82, we are all here for you! See his touching post Here)

Use the link below to join up in our Telegram today! Thanks to @calumam for the great Steem Monsters community dividers! View the Post HERE

Join the Steem Monsters Official Facebook HERE

Join the Steem Monster Official Telegram HERE



Chris Love @clove71
Steem Monster Rep.
Join the Steem Monster Discord HERE
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WOooooo hooo! good job!


It is really getting exciting now isn't it!? I'm so glad you are here as you were one of the first ones to get into Steem Monsters! It is such an awesome time to be here! :-)


Yes, it is really taking off @clove71 , so glad to see the passion and spirit you bring to it. Yes, very glad to get in early!


I'm obsessed with these Monsters but in a GOOD way, haha! I just sent in a video to SM to post later where I am the Dragon lmao! I morphed into one streaming Steem Monsters haha! You gave me a great idea and I ran with it hehe! I'm glad you are still around too!! Many cool Monsters around now! :-)

I was wondering why I got that lol :D Giving it away in a couple days! Join my giveaway!


haha! That was funny, lol! Awesome, everyong should go check it out! ;-) That is what I like about the Steem Monster Community...all the great people in here! It is fun when you are so excited about Monsters and meet others who are too, they understand!

Still so stocked about the Selenia! Really made my wknd, thanks once again @clove71 . And here's to getting the same type of numbers as the NBA! :)



Congrads on winning @ange.nkuru


It was an exciting day! I am so happy for you! I am glad you are here to be apart of a monumental and most epic game that is literally taking over the Steem Blockchain before our eyes!

Mischievous Mermaid (600px, 25fps).gif


Same here!

I signed up. I will be buying my cards soon. I love games like hearthstone. But as a side note. I have been researching this for days on youtube, dtube, and other sources but I can not find the answer to this question. How do you make steem on Steem Monsters? Is the cards you win from tournaments and games? Do you win steem by winning games?

I don't have Facebook, the golden medusa will not be for me ! But yesterday, I bought 5 booster packs and I had a nice monster's harvest with 3 gold common cards :

Gold Monster.jpg

It's always to have gold in your collection. I can't wait the battle :-)