New Reward Cards // Number 9 // Goblin Mech!

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In this post we announced that we would be releasing a
New Reward Edition Card every day for 20 days!

The Cards released so far:

Legendary Life Splinter card - Sacred Unicorn
Common Earth Splinter card - Wood Nymph
Common Neutral card - Creeping Ooze
Epic Death Splinter card - Phantom Soldier
Rare Water Splinter card - Pirate Archer
Rare Fire Splinter card - Naga Fire Wizard
Epic Earth Splinter card - Brownie
Common Life Splinter card - Silvershield Archers

We're excited to see people already starting to make good use of these cards in battles!

Reward Card Number 9!!!

Today we will be releasing a new
Common Neutral card - Goblin Mech!

This guy is a 10 mana cost beast. With 6 Melee attack at max level combined with both Piercing and Stun he will just plow through enemy tanks. He costs a lot but it may be well worth it in some higher mana cap battles.

Let us know what you think of this mechanical marvel in the comments, and stay tuned for the next card release announcement tomorrow!

Thank you for your continued support!

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Steem Monsters Discord

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Love the Golbin inside the Mech. Great mixup of genres.

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I like the looks of this one. My new favorite in ways of design. Excited to play with it.

@steemmonsters Nice one! do we know how many of that one gonna be released?

The goblin mech is a beast, I need to get one now 😂

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All I get for completing the Quest are Commons, I never get any Good Cards..............

World of Warcraft style!

Will the new higher mana gameplay support more monster slots as well? It is already pretty difficult to create 27 mana teams with the available slots.


I think they are releasing these high mana cards so you can create high mana teams. With an e.g. 40 mana cap you have 30 mana for 5 slots left (assuming you play this card) that's 6 mana per slot. I think that's possible with all the new cards released (and not released yet).


I think you misunderstood me. I want 7 slots, 8, 9 or 10. To play tons of cheap monsters.

Wuhuu what a Mech! I hope that Goblin Mech and my new Brownie (with Speed up and Inspire) will get a long with each other, because I can see them as a very good match in teams!!!


I got a Mech on Todays rewards but I don’t have a brownie yet, I Might get one on seasonal rewards :) hopefully.

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This one is awesome! I hope every reward card I get is a Goblin Mech from now on.

That's a heavy cannon!

A freaking battering ram. Will look great on any team.

Pretty sweet I like this one Goblins always have some crazy contraptions :D

Damn goblin seriously got an upgrade and 10 manna that’s a big ask

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Interesting card ... I look forward to the higher mana cap games.

that´s the sh*** guys!!! You nailed it once again... sooo looking forward playing it

I have two of these!!!

What are their value$?