New Reward Cards // Number 3 // Creeping Ooze!

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In this post we announced that we would be releasing a new Reward edition card every day for 20 days!

The cards released so far:

Legendary Life Splinter card - Sacred Unicorn.
Common Earth Splinter card - Wood Nymph.

We hope a few of you were able to pick one up already!

Reward Card Number 3!!!

Today we will be releasing a new Common Neutral card - Creeping Ooze!
As a 1 mana cost neutral card, this guy will be great to use up that last extra mana that sometimes gets left over when making your team.

He slows the enemy team (which does stack with other Monsters with the Slow ability) and while he probably won't live through an attack, that's one less attack taken by another Monster! Well worth it for 1 mana if you ask us!

Let us know what you think of our new, gooey friend in the comments and stay tuned for the next card release announcement tomorrow!

Thank you for your continued support!

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Steem Monsters Website

Steem Monsters Discord

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I'm loving the 1 mana and neutral nature... BUT... what am I missing with the changes from level 2 to level 4?

Please let me know in reply or over here:

This card is really awesome! I bet I will see it a lot in the next battles...

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The blob but in green, Steve McQueen will beat it though

Creeping Ooze, how funny is that? The 1 Mana Cards are much appreciated, since expensive Shen Lo is the only 1 Mana Card right now.


not to mention the dragon splinter doesn't get used all that often.


Not to mention the
Dragon splinter doesn't get
Used all that often.

                 - mulletwang

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

1 mana! And neutral too! That's amazing, I can't count the amount of times I had to change half my deck because I was 1 mana short haha!

Ohhh I can't wait to get those new cards. 🙈🙈🙈🙈 I waaaant. I waaaant... 😍

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At level 10 it’s not too shabby for a 1 Mana card!

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Great new card ! Can’t wait to own it !!!

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Hopefully there will be fewer complaints on the KS shin lo now that there is the release of this one mana card. I've used the one mana card as my sacrificial lamb, so now others have the chance to do so as well. Watch out for the blob!

That is pretty awesome. I am glad to see there are some more cards coming on the market. I wish there was a still a way to get beta cards as some form of reward though. I understand why you don't do that though. Even if you could save up credits or something. There might be some users that aren't active on Steemit that don't have liquid Steem lying around that they can buy packs with or they don't want to spend fiat.

Shen Lo should see its price drop. And indeed, we need more mana-fillers to smooth out slots. Is it good? Maybe not, but probably better than nothing, unless you need the 6th monster slot, in which case you can usually manipulate things around better.

It is interesting a couple of strategies that could be given the most benefit.

Cool! Love the new cards. I got a gold wood nymph in my rewards last night 😊💚

I love it. This guy is exactly what I need in my deck.

Super cool!! I have yet to get some of the newest ones. Nice

please how to get Reward Card ?
I don't understand the meaning of the official website.
I don't know where to finish the task.


You need to fight with the blue (water) cards and win 5 times... Once you've done that you will have completed the quest.

I'm excited about the fact of there being a 1 cost neutral monster card. I'm looking forward to seeing how this card will be worked into different splinters. Hopefully I can pull a few of these with my daily rewards today.

Love the creeping ooze! I was hoping to see some 1 and 2 mana monsters added to the deck.

Nice !
I will give you some suggestion . You may add some neutral monster with 2 mana cost with ''sneak'' ability . Of course should be legendary : )