Fierce Friday! A Steem Monsters Tournament

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Hello everyone! I am here today giving you a little insight into the world of Tournaments I had so far and how great they are! You will have a lot of fun when you join a tournament. There is a lot of excitement in wondering who will win the next match! When I have large tournaments such as the past two Fierce Friday Tournaments, @clayboyn was keeping great track of the winners and @crystalpacheco30 too who are both awesome! While they were keeping things running nicely I was able to stream all the battles live on VIMM.TV. While I was streaming there, we also had contests in the chat. I would tell you in the chat which match to predict the winner and if you won then you got either a gold common card or a starter set promo code! @broxi is new to Steem Monsters and received a starter set promo code! @masterthematrix won a gold common card but said that someone else could have it so @broxi got it. A great example of showing some Steem Monsters love.

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Among others in the chat to win beta gold common cards were @jamesndungu @flauwy @niallon11 @quorum4 Thanks for being there for the live Tournament. I also shared the end of the tournament with @dtube to get people aware there are lots of Steem Monsters tournaments to play in! There is crypto to be made here! Also, it is seriously fun! Make sure to check out the winning battle below! Congratulations to all the winners!

1st glory7
2nd masterthematrix
3rd wizardave
4th bji1203
5th davemccoy

Thanks for being in the tournament everyone! Stayed tuned for more! I have lots of pop up tournaments as well as big scheduled in advanced ones like Fierce Friday. I look forward to seeing you all in the tournaments! Make sure to check out the Steem Monsters Tournament Calendar HERE

I asked the great writer @masterthematrix to share with us his take on the Fierce Friday Tournament, here is what he had to say:


Hi Monsters,

I would like to share with you my excitement about my 2nd. Place at the "Fierce Friday" Steem Monster Tournament - sponsored by @clove71

The Tournament started today at 08:00 PM EST and all participants needed to register at
There where 71 players who joined the Battle.

Here is the recent Tournament Anouncement Post from @clove71

- The Rules for this Tournament:
  • Monster League "Silver"
  • All Cards where allowed to participate
  • single elimination
  • Special-Livestream feature on
- Prize Pool: (sponsored by @clove71 and official @steemmonsters account)
  • First Place- 3 Starter set promo codes $30 Value Plus A Gold Beta Malric inferno card - Value $10.58
  • Second Place- 2 Starter sets promo codes $20 Value Plus a Gold Alpha Cerebrus card- Value $7.14
  • Third Place- 1 Starter set promo code $10 value Plus a Gold card- Alpha Gold Crustacean King Value $3.00
  • Fourth Place- 1 Starter set promo code $10 value Plus a Gold card- Beta Gold Air Elemental Value $1.80

I'm very happy with my 2nd. Place and already enjoying my winning of 2 Starter sets promo codes $20 Value Plus a Gold Alpha Cerebrus card !!!

Thanks to the whole Steemmonsters Community!!!

Here is my Proof of Battle (POB :-)

Screenshot 78.png


- Final Battle / Strategy / Tactics:

The Final Battle for the 1st. Place against @glory7 was pretty exciting with Mana Cap 21 and the Battle Rule "Range and Magic Attacks have Snipe" in place.
I went for the Earth Team plus Selenia Sky since she gives me a +1 Range Attack Bonus on my cheap monsters (Earth Element, Swamp Thing) and for my heavy Backup I picked the Spirit of the Forest. The Stone Golem in front is pretty defensive with his Shield ability and Armor.
As you can see from the picture @glory7 went for the Water Team + Selenia Sky and a big bad Frost Giant in the front.
Watch the Replay Battle and see how the fight went out. I think we both had great teams on the Battlefield, but he managed to tweak a little bit more power out of his Monsters than me.

Screenshot 77.png

Overall, I have to say that tournaments are really the main exciting part about Steemmonsters. Right now, the tournaments are organized by great Steemmonsters Veterans like @theaustrianguy, @therealwolf, @carrieallen, @crystalhuman, @clayboyn, @bountywolf and @clove71, but this is going to be upgraded in January 2019 to a fully automated Tournament system.

The prize pools are going to be sponsored by private individuals, companies (thru advertisement) and the official Steemmonsters Account.Tournaments will be around for all different kinds of Monster Levels (Leagues) and Rarity (Gold or non-Gold).

There is a lot of things to be excited about Steemmonsters, and its not a payed to win only Game! Strategy, Tactics and good opponent research in advance makes the difference!

So, go get your Game-On as soon as possible, so you can learn and gain experience with the Steemmonsters Battle-System.

I wish you all a lot of fun playing Steemmonsters and hope to see you soon on the Battle Field!

yours @masterthematrix

PS: Please Join the Affiliate Programm and Earn 5% Cashback on all Purchases Steemmonsters-Market

Upcoming Tournaments:
New Announcement Post from @aggroed about new upcoming Tournaments,

  • You can check the Steemmonsters Discord Channel under "Tournament Announcements"
  • You can check the main Steemmonsters Account @steemmonsters
  • You can check the Live Calendar

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Steem Monsters Discord HERE

Facebook Group HERE

Steem Monsters Official Facebook Page HERE

Steem Monsters Official Telegram HERE

My IG - Steemmonstergirl HERE

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May the Monsters be with you.

Chris Love @clove71
Steem Monsters Rep.

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Gift received ! ThankYou very much @clove71 :)

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Any updates on when tournaments are going to be accessible straight from the official website? I'm looking forward to that.


No date yet but they are working on it, hopefully in January sometime..:-)


Nice to know that it's not too far away.

I'm looking forward to fully automated Tournament system.
Way to go!