Steem Monsters Facebook & Telegram Update!

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Seasons Greetings to you all! With the holidays here and New Year coming up, it is a great time to see all the new members coming to join us on Facebook and Telegram. The manual tournaments have started giving Steem Monsters a big boost! Everyone loves the prizes and the thrill of it all as well! On Facebook and Telegram we have the tournaments info. posted up there so you can stay informed more! We now have 250 members in the Facebook Group and 130 likes for the Steem Monsters Facebook Page. It was hard getting two ads through on the Facebook Page but I finally did it! They have a strict crypt ban and will not let certain words get approved for ads. Thanks for sharing it with all your friends and family to help Steem Monsters grow bigger. I wish you all a very Happy New Year!

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This is the new Super Group Telegram! It holds more than 200 members, we had to switch to it as we were getting close to it. If you are in the old Telegram please move to this one. :-)

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The Steem Monsters Facebook Group Info.

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The Steem Monsters Facebook Page Info:

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I was successful in getting two ads through on the Facebook Page. They have crypto bans on words used and it is very hard to get an ad approved, lol!

Screenshot 2018-12-29 14.46.40.jpg

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Steem Monsters Discord HERE

Facebook GroupHERE

Steem Monsters Official Facebook Page HERE

Steem Monsters Official Telegram HERE

My IG - Steemmonstergirl HERE

Steem Monsters HERE

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May the Monsters be with you.

Chris Love @clove71
Steem Monsters Rep.

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You guys are doing a nice job at building a game from nothing, but amateurs when it comes to GUERRILLA marketing and optics...

that's pathetic.
I worked with @richatvns when Mafia Wars was starting out.
He did not work for them, started a simple webpage with just a few tools to play the game. And in 4 months had three facebook accounts with over 5000 friends on them, (top allowed friend list at the time was 6000 people)

Even today after purging people and no marketing over 10 years ago... he has 3600 friends on the main account and the other 2 with 4000 combined....And he literally has not played Mafia Wars in 9 years!!!!

I suggest contacting him to see how to market, he had the same issue of dealing with a game that can be farmed for digital assets...

Simply put, There are 4 major simple online marketing 101 mistakes going on:

  1. there is no stickiness!
  2. no insidious viral come-a-longs.
  3. pushing information that deters entry
  4. creating a reverse band-wagoning affect.

Agreed no reason to go back there, and I would not direct someone to it for information...


Thanks for the work you are doing to grow the brand.

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Thanks for being here! You have been into Steem Monsters so long, awesome you are still here! Thanks for being in the community! :-)
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I am very impressed with how this project has come together, and I really enjoy playing the game. I am interested in submitting a series of designs, wondering if steem monsters is still open to this. I've been discussing with my team about creating a limited set of cards.


the biweekly art contest would be appropriate for that I think!

Good luck ! We need more summoners !
I love you guys, may 2019 be the year for Steem Monsters !

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YES!! 2019! The year of Steem Monsters!

What about Steemmonster going into the EOS community via Trybe? I guess EOS users would be a great target since they know Steem, Dpos system and how important gaming is.
I also could imagine that the developers of EOS knights probably would love to host a tournament where you can win EOS knights stuff.

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you have to find strategy to promote the game should do some contest prizes for those who share steemmonsters on facebook, while it solves advertising things


Oh yes, we just finished a big booster pack giveaway last week, that was fun! Will have more coming after next week! :-) The Manual Tournaments are here now so a lot more work is going into those right now...:-)


the manual tournaments are a lousy draw for acquiring new players.....

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Wil we see card delegating any time soon ?