Splinterlands Weekly Curation Contest!

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Manual Curation! 1.png

With the recent changes to curation and author rewards during the last HardFork Splinterlands/ @steemmonsters has completely stopped the use of the upvote bot in favor of MANUAL CURATION!

Meet the Team!

curation team sm 1.png
@travelgirl @clove71 @isaria @carrieallen

All of us, plus @aggroed & @yabapmatt and other Splinterlands Team Members (when they have a chance), will be seeking out AMAZING Splinterlands content. Amazing. We aren't so much looking for a pic of your daily rewards... Unless you can somehow wow us within that. We want creative content! We want statistical content! We want fan fiction and art!
👀Not so creative? Keep on the lookout out for an upcoming weekly contest just for you!

These upvotes are serious business. We have the power (muahahahahaha!) to reward you up to $10 USD (or thereabouts) and that number is bound to continue to grow.

And now...

Contest Time!!!.png

Our next goal as a team is to bring in more people! So each week we will be looking for GREAT content that is being SHARED on other SOCIAL MEDIA platforms.

What Platforms?

Literally, ANY of them. Here are some examples to get you started:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Medium
  • Youtube
  • Tumblr
  • Reddit
  • LinkedIn
  • Snapchat

There are TONS of places out there! Share! Share! Share!

How do YOU get an upvote?

  • Create AMAZING Splinterlands content.
  • Tag the post steemmonsters and spt (so you get rewarded in SplinterTalk Tokens too!)
  • Drop your link below and/or in the Splinterlands Discord channel # sm-post-promotion-only

How do YOU get a 100% upvote?

  • Do ALL the things above plus..
    • Share the post to ANOTHER SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM.
    • Include a link to your shared post in a comment below.

Now go! Out into the night! Create the content! Share the content! Grow the Splinterlands!!!!

🐲Highlights from the Week 🐲

All posts below received a 100% upvote for sharing Splinterlands content to outside social media.

Barrel of BOOM: Splinterlands-inspired themes by @jay.ell

Stop. Click. Listen. Feel the rage of the Exploding Dwarf.

Finally, the chicken that lays the golden eggs by @felander

Who doesn't love a golden chicken?

It's the end of the season again, time for a status update! by @anouk.nox.spt

Mmmm... yes, another one of those golden chickens.... Delicious.

Daily Quest Reward of Steemmonsters: 10th Pack of This Season (30.10.19). by @ashikstd

Go found out how @ashikstd feels about this Vampire guy...

Untamed coming soon!

Places to learn more, connect and play!

SPLINTERLORE Website: It's lore galore!

SPLINTERLANDS/STEEM MONSTERS BLOG: Where you'll find all the updates.



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Dear Steemmonsters, I am contacting you to have a meeting in Seoul in the coming week to discuss any collaboration. Please contact me at [email protected] Thanks.

Thanks for the awesome work.

Take a look at my newest post, if you have a chance =)

You got lucky this morning... cause I've not had coffee yet.😉
Ya got a full upvote even though you didn't actually enter this contest....

I'm feeling generous and calling this a gift... in hopes that you continue to create great content AND start sharing to OTHER social media. 😘@carrieallen

Wow. Thank u <3

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@steemmonsters, Keep up with this Motivating and Boosting Initiative team. And most importantly this kind of initiative boosts the Content Creation Economy.

Have a great time ahead team and stay blessed.

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YES! I actually saw this post last night and wanted to upvote it... but waited to see if you'd notice this contest... and you did! 100% for you!

I feel very happy, thanks.

Not sure what you guys think of me sharing my season post... I usually try to compile and do. Also, some ideas about what else to put in it would be nice.

I have not yet shared it elsewhere, but that might change... for now I was just trying to get a feel about what the community feels about it.

And you didn't want to even share a link here?

🤦‍♂️ I need to work my copy and paste skills... 🤣 Here it goes... Awesome uplift, thanks for it. Will continue working to understand where I can help with the exposure.

I suppose this post was written by Carrie.
Ain't I right, @CarrieAllen ?

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Yup. 😍

FUN FACT: When using STEEMPEAK (you can view ALL tribes there) you can see who authored the post (I always include it when it's me) plus an amazing little blurb under the pic, rather than it just taking the first 100 characters of the post. 😘

You see? I didn't need to use STEEMPEAK and I didn't know about that blurb under the pic but yet I knew it was you... Ain't I a genius?
I wonder why steemmonsters team didn't create a summoner who looks like me... LOL.

Thanks @carrieallen and @steemmonsters team for showing all this love.

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Hello, I just put the #spt tag in my post, but forgot to include #steemmonsters, now what? should I edit?

Hello! Yes! You can always edit the tags too! Don't forget to drop your link here!

I finished my beginners guide! Its available as a text or video version! I posted it here on steemit:
On Youtube:

And on dtube!

I had some great fun doing this!

Time without doing anything for #SteemMonsters but I'm back!!! XD

I just shared on Twitter the Fanart I made for the contest. ;)