Steem Monsters "Best of 3 Bronze Tourney" tonight at 10pm EST

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Best of 3 Bronze Tourney

Tonight at 10pm EST we are having a 32 player max Bronze League tournament, and this will be best 2 of 3 for each round! (This includes the final match!)

The entry fee is 2 STEEM, and please send to @bountywolf before checking in. Also @aggroed is splashing the pot 5 STEEM as well!

1st Place = 50% of all STEEM
2nd Place = 30% of all STEEM
3rd Place = 20% of all STEEM

We will be meeting in the Steem Monsters #tournament-chat room here>>

TOP challenges bottom player, and please mark your wins only after someone has won TWICE!

Report the results in the Steem Monsters #tournament-chat room!

Good luck to everyone!

Sign up here>>

Play at

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