Sparkesy43's Steem Monsters Booster Pack Winner Announcement!

in steemmonsters •  7 months ago

Firstly, thanks everyone for your support and entries. Unfortunately we didn't quite go gangbusters and we didn't get enough Steem for any additional packs, but I've decided to give away a second pack anyway.

post pics

By the end of the post we had 21 entries


I entered everyone's name into the List Randomzier on and the top two names will be awarded prizes....


So congratulations to @pataty69 & @jeenger. You will each receive your booster packs in the next 24 hours.

Thanks for playing everyone, and watch out for my next contest post.

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Hello @sparkesy43, you made me so happy today, thank you for that. Look what was all in your present:

I thank you for this competition and wish you the best!
Check out my games. You can win your booster pack back!
Have fun all the time.


3 Rares! Nice haul!


Congrats on your win!


Wow, three Rares  including two Summoners ! That is an awesome booster pack! 👍


Hey @trisquelwhare, believe me, after opening the booster pack a beautiful day began!


Congratulations on the win!

Done my friend! : )
 <why low rep>                          ..

Packs have been sent - let me know what you get!!

Thanks for the contest and congrats to the winners !

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congrats to the winners!

Congrats to the winners and thanks for hosting @sparkesy43. I appreciate the opportunity for gold.

Congrats to the winners and thanks for a great contest.

Congratulations @pataty69 and @jeenger on the win, and thanks @sparkesy43 for a great competition. A shame that @faizi1947 didn't turn up for this competition. I am contacting more n00bies like this via the #SteemMonsters channel, and I guess many of them still don't know how to get notifications on the Steem blockchain.


yeah, it took me a little while to find out about @ginabot. Without those notifications I'd be lost!


I get notifications via SteemPeak, SteemWorld, and GINAbot. Sometimes I get them only from one or the other of them, but sometimes they all fire off at once, haha. It's a bit hit-and-miss, to be honest, but it is better than when I first started using Steem, when I was completely oblivious to any mentions, etc.