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RE: Tron ventures into the Splinterlands!

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Oh, you lost me at the money grab bit...
"While the stats and abilities for these new cards are still TBD, you can rest assured that they will be very competitive in ranked and tournament play and should therefore be highly sought after."
As a long time magic player, this is kinda unacceptable for a multitude of reasons, primarily, the pay wall to be competitive being much higher... I'll still play, but idk... This isn't inspiring.. but casual gamers don't seem to be the point of this marketing campaign. And power gamers, well, I feel they will see right thru this as well.. of course some of the financial people may buy in just to resell.. but how does that do your players justice?
But it's nice to have more targets to aim for when playing, to complete the set at least. But man... I feel this approach is all wrong. Look at all the flac wizards is getting for doing the same type of deal going forward with their direct from wizards purchases... A large portion of the MTG community was, not inspired. Altho... I did buy up some magic collections pretty cheap when some players rage quit.


The game is still fun at the lower levels but I don't like that people with more money can get more reward cards. Almost everything is like that though and at least lower level players can get a valuable card occasionally.

Agreed, I do enjoy the game and forming strategies,.. I've decided to focus on a blue healing strategy so far, haven't broke 1700 or so, last season, but still trying.

And not everything has to be this exclusive to pay to win crowds.. many games are going towards a pay to skin, but playing fields more even,... This was a poor kid who knows strategy can compete at the top levels.. imagine chess with skins, now that would bring more players to the classic game of strategy,..

I agree with you - the rich again set the rules of the game - if it does not change, there will be no development / everyone should have equal chances and rights - or this is a dead-end branch

Online games will always be like this this and reflect real life where some people have more money than others. Unlike in MGT or other card games you can't write an article and then funnel the proceeds into the game. Nor are they non-fungible tokens. Unless you're advocating for socialism, that is.

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Continuing my comment to @sharpshot here as it's more relevant..
// anyways... forgot this is blockchain land, where optimists are headed to the moon for lambos.. (; lol. I do believe in a bright future, but capitalism needs to shift to a more artistic and creative focus,.. AI and Automaton are a few years out, as well as events out of our control, with global warming and etc... Or Trump.
Anyways, I can wait out those storms and eat the beautiful pie on the other side, where the grass is greener.
Also, your thinking is flawed in that online games will always be like this... You should have more compassion and belief in humanity. ^>^ we are slow learner's, but in the ebb and flow of it all, the light never goes black, but it does fade from time to time.

Creativity has always been a major factor of capitalism. It actually helps you be more creativity because you're not just getting the pleasure of creating or the recognition, you're also able to survive from it. AI and automation is a good thing. It's evolve or die. Sure what we're doing right now didn't exist a few years ago. Look up the 'Luddites'. They were wrong.

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Nothing has to be destroyed to create.

And we still have starving brilliant artists. So... Marketing is kinda the winner here. LoL. So bots ftw!! Can't wait for my own AI to help me assimilate myself into the a singularity of me and my ai, released online.. Wait.. I can't say my plans out loud.... Semper Namaste

I didn't say they will allways be like this, just that they are now. That shouldn't be interpreted as my view on the future of humanity😂

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That bit was for begood2me. Sorry for the confusion. LoL

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