Steemmonster Card Giveaway Day: #26 and Winner Announced Day: #24

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Hi Steemians,
How are you guys? Hope you guys are well and i am also well. i think you guys are known about Steemmonster game which is steem blockchain based. I joined Steemmonsters game about a few months ago. Now i am doing well in this game and you guys are also doing well. I love this game very much. This is my 6th season running and i have done well in the past seasons. In this season i am expecting some good cards. Let's see what i will get from season reward. Also hope that you guys also doing good in this season

So I willing to give away my cards to Steemmonster Lovers!


No Upvote, No Follow, No Resteem

So the things you have to do is only follow the rule.

To participate on this giveaway you need to follow the following steps. They are:-

  1. You need to click on the dclick link from below.

  2. Then you need to take a screenshot of that page which will come after clicking on the dclick link.

  3. After taking the screenshot you have to post the screenshot in the comment section with your steemmonsters username.

If you completed all the steps then it can be said that you have been successfully entered.

Every day there is a card which will be given to the winner. Today's card:



TODAY'S WINNER IS: @mrcheisen


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