Shaidon's Long Weekend - My First Steem Monsters Tournament.

in steemmonsters •  16 days ago

Spurred on by @travelgirl to start my own Steem Monsters tournament, I decided to throw my figurative hat, and literal Steem into the ring and set up my own Steem Monsters tournament.

It's FREE entry, limited to 15 players, to hopefully keep it somewhat short and intense.
The prize is 10 Steem which I think is a fair prize for a free competition.

It starts in just under an hour and half. It needs a minimum of 5 players, and it's set at the Novice level, so that it's perfect for beginners if you to onboard friends and family.


Feel free to brag in the comments section if you win. :D Best of luck.

You can enter by clicking here

Shaidon tournament 1.jpg

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It's so simple and fun, isn't it? Now we just need Reebok to drop $1 million from their marketing budget into sponsoring a tournament.


They can sponsor MY tournaments anytime....