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The @dapplovers / @Stateofthedapps task is to promote a featured dapp on their website, I have chosen steemmonsters as my featured dapp. The State of the Dapps website is amazing on which you could view some amazing Dapps listed according to their usage and daily traffic. Not just the steemit Dapp but other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and EOS.

Steemmonsters Dapp

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Moving on do you miss the pokemon cards era, I had a ton of them in Saudi Arabia and it was really hard to get a hold of them back in the day but still the Pokemon fan in me kept me collecting the cards. Unfortunately the cards got lost during our house shifting but the collector in me still eager today. If you also have a knack of collecting mysterious monster cards then steemmonsters is just the Dapp for you. It is ranked overall at number 10 on the State of the Dapps list of overall Dapps not bad for a game.

Collecting Cards

What you can do on this amazing Dapp, first of all go their website and login with your steemconnect account, after doing that you can start by buying your first booster pack and get a great collection of 30 cards. After purchasing them you can check them out at your collection, the purchased cards fall in the category of Beta cards and are expensive other than that you can also collect free cards daily. You just have to complete a daily quest by winning 5 matches through a particular elemental of card I'll talk about them later, after winning 5 matches you get a reward card. Other than that there are seasons consisting of 14 days span, if you get higher rankings on the end of a season you get more and better cards as a reward. better said than done, I'm currently at Bronze level 2 and hence will receive 7 cards at the end of the season. The more you go higher up the ranks your reward increases.
My Collection

The Gameplay

After you've learned how to buy your cards and get rewards by winning matches it's time to learn how to battle others. Basically as stated earlier there are different elemental cards, including Fire, Water, Grass, Death and life splinters, other than these there are also warrior cards that can be used with any of the elemental cards. The cards a categorized into summoners the cards that are used to summon other cards summoners may also have special abilities, then there are monsters that fight under a summoner to win you the matches. Each card has a specific Mana, and in each match there is a Mana usage limit for example you may get 20 Mana limit now your cards line up cannot exceed the 20 Mana limit so you have to be smart in picking and choosing amongst your collection.

More Features

Each card can be leveled up to their max by adding up two same character cards, this increases their abilities and helps you win matches against tougher opponents, the quickest but hardest way to earn real money is by entering tournaments. There are many tournaments being held daily but most of the top players participate in them it isn't easy to win these tournamnets. You can win real steem through these tournaments and the prizes are amazing. The competition is great I have been playing the game for a month but I'm still waiting to win my first tournament.

My Opinion

I have fallen in love with this amazing game, It's so intense to play and the goal to reach the top just makes you want to go back to the game again and again. I usually play 10-15 matches daily other than tournaments. So if your into battling other people and had the nostalgic feeling of playing and collecting Pokemon cards steemmonsters is definitely for you. Other than the games they ahev a really great community and you can learn and ask for help in their discord group
You might also make steemmonster buddies and play against each other just for fun and banter. You should definitely try it.


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