SteemMonsters err Splinterlands Season Progress: Rewards and Cards for Sale!

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For Sale!

Daily Rewards

Bad news first, somehow steempeak is only pulling my transactions from 4/3/19 I am missing a few days.... bummer!!!


  • Gold Sea Genie
  • League: Gold 1

Daily Rewards 4/3/19 - 4-9/19


I am in a strange place right now. I have been selling everything I had because I was maxed out at my level 5 summoners, but now I have 1 level 6 for Earth..... This means all neutral monsters can get an upgrade, and all reward cards for earth can and should be upgraded to match.

I am also toying with the idea of keeping other low value cards to potentially see if the market picks up with Splinterlands coming and potentially getting new players on board.

Deck Hit Rate

I think this is my deck hit rate from all reward cards from all time (minus the 3 days I am still trying to get)!!

These are very similar rates to my @senstlessmonster profile, The only change is a 2% swing between epic and rare.

I am jealous of all the Gold Legendary and Epic reward cards I have seen lately, I want some of that luck to come my way!!


I have sold my first Epic Summoner, and will work on selling the others. I know the value may go up, but I need to get more Elemental Phoenix, Frost Giant, Spirit of the Forest, Angel of the Light, Selenia, and of course some Hydra!!! I think these will help more than the summoners I never use.

I am also hoping to trade/sell my Beta Gold Chromatic dragon. Would prefer to trade for all the cards mentioned above!!! But will sell if needed. The spread right now is a bit too steep for me to sell at the bid price!

Want to Start but not sure what its like to play with just the basic starter pack??

Check out my project @senstlessmonster of playing from just the $10 starter pack and what you can expect. I track all cards, reward cards, sales, and progress.

Want to get in the game - join via my link!

Monster on!!



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Omg that all barely made sense to me which really means I need to pick up my game 😁😁 so my question for you today is, would you convert alpha cards to beta just so you can level up a card, or is that a really dumb idea?


It depends. Alpha cards require less cards to upgrade, they are worth 30% more. So 2 alpha is equal to 3 beta. Sometimes you can buy alpha for less than beta when you factor the fewer cards required, I sometimes convert, and others level up the alpha, and buy alpha.

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Good luck with selling that Chromatic Dragon. It took some time before I was capable to sell my golden foil Sacred Unicorn but it was worth it with 130 steem extra in the pocket!


Yup, but I could really use the level 3 legendary hit will buy me. I could get hydra, ruler of the Sea, spirit of the forest and Angel of light all loaded up for 1 card. It might, or might not be best to sell if the market takes off now that they are expanding, but it's a hard choice

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It also will depend on the value of Steem. I really wanted to get ride of my golden Unicorn because the steem price was at is lowest. Meaning more Steem.

A tough choice to make, but also a luxery choice. Choice well, and was taken never look back!

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