260+ Packs and I got my First Legendary Summoner.... Now what.

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I finally got my first Legendary Summoner

After getting crushed for a while while trying to level up -


@stockjockey, - I keep thinking I can catch you. Nope not even close.

I had an idea -


So I bought 1 pack, just one pack today at lunch.... And it was a glorious pack!


That is one fine looking Prince Rennyn, Plus one arrows, and +2 health... and a cost of $25

What to do now - Buy more/Sell/Other

Looks like I need 5 of these to play my level of deck... 5!!! Thats a $125 card... that is painful to say the least. I can only imagine what it would do with my deck... some of the combos would just be crazy damage.

For now its is firmly in Other, and delegated to another account I play.

What would you do? Thats like 70 STEEM.

Stack on!! ~Senstless~


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I would sell it now with todays steem price and buy more later when the price of steem raises

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Not a bad idea, I have been thinking much of the same. I have a feeling while steem may rise, the prices will rise with it, might not be a 1:1 bit the reason the USD value is so low is because steem is so low.

Its possible. Steem Monsters is harder than gambling haha :D

I think if you have some cards to sell you can do it but it you want to level up them thuther you need to hold them. Or maybe you can try to change with somebody.

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I have sold very few, but eventually I cannot afford to keep investing without taking some profit out.

I would sell it and gamble it away 😁
My interest in SM is dropping season by season. I am now waiting on the moment that the seed cards are available and will make up my mind then!
In the meanwhile I am will stick to my daily quest in the hope to get a great card!

The most honest answer here... I opened up an old doge wallet last night and found about $3... that went quick on the Hi/LO games...

I am leaning towards selling the amount I need to make it worth playing in my primary deck is just too deep. although it is a devastating card to play against.

Sell, sell, sell.....

That's a lot of steem at todays prices. A new bull run in btc might drag the price of steem with it. This would make it cost less steem to buy it back later.

Just a thought

I have a feeling the USD pricing of cards is highly correlated with the price of STEEM. I am still thinking of selling, just because I can get 70ish STEEM, I need that for our projects and upvotes. Eventually might be able to buy one with my "profits" of all my ovepriced SP.

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