Steemmonsters: Why can not you play (rated) without a starter pack?

I bought a Summoner and some monsters in the trade and wanted to play Steemmonster.
However, I got the message when clicking on "Rated" that this is not possible without a starter pack.
The reason is that this is necessary to prevent multiple accounts.
Somehow, I do not understand how to prevent this, because anyone who pays $ 10 to buy a starter pack can play, and what's stopping him from doing it twice?
Besides, it is quite legal for Steemit to open several accounts if you pay the costs yourself.
So why not fight without starter pack, only with monsters from the trade (rated)?

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That is the business model ! not a game for everybody !!


Yes but than should not be annonced this reason with multiple accounts, because they don't prevent this. I think, that if you pay 100 times 10$ you can open 100 accounts without any Problem.
I also think, that they should annonce it better before buying Cards in their market, that you cannot Play without starter pack ranked games.
By the way: They also Profit from this Cards I bought seperately, because they pay only 95% of Price to the seller and Claim 5% for themselves.

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