Does Anyone Else Think These Cards Are Too Cheap?

in steemmonsters •  2 months ago

This is an amazingly low price. Would you pay more? Let me know in the comments below! Resteem for a chance for a free Goblin Shaman! Rewarded after the post pays out.

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To the question in your title, my Magic 8-Ball says:

Yes definitely

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Cyan. This is new school.

Hello sardonic!

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Immensely appealing idea =)

Hi @sardonic, you raise an interesting question about the price that people are selling their #SteemMonsters Common  cards for at present. It is a buyer's market at present, from what I understand. I'm sure that will change once the Alpha Edition booster packs are all sold out though. I think we'll see the prices going up for Alphas pretty soon.

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I think now that the Alphas are all sold out, the price will increase. I think they already have!

I think the prices should be higher and that a minimum or high should be set as not to be undercutting other sellers. specially because there will be no more Alpha Cards Made once The Beta cards start being produced Is it on October 1st!? I think so. Thanks for sharing !😀💕✌💀👾👽👺👹
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October 1st will likely be when Alphas really show their true worth.


Yup! People should start buying whats on the market now before they are all gone or go way up in price! Wish I had money to buy, its a great investment oportunity!!!😀

Yeah, I thought they were cheap but I dunno how to properly value them lol.

I'm giving away 10 booster packs if you want to enter that. I won them! Now giving other people a chance to win


$0.03 seems so cheap. I think they're mostly up a penny now.


10 booster packs? That's extremely generous of you! That's a very nice giveaway, now that the Alphas are all sold out.

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Ya they are likely cheap, hard to value till beta packs are defined and released


I wonder how many people will sell their Aphas for the new betas?


Good question there will be new beta cards that only will exist starting in beta so I presume those would be considered equivalent to alphas.