The Steem Monsters Trading Bot is now free and available to all interested users

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Steem Monsters continues to be the hottest thing on the Steem Blockchain. Last week, stats have been released and the next step is now the begin of gameplay, which should start in a few weeks.

Since the beginning of the game some cards have appreciated a lot in value, with the current record being the sale of a Gold Foil Selenia Sky for about 3000 USD (!).


To increase my chances of picking up cheap cards when they come to the market, I have built an automated Trading Bot, which buys cards automatically when the are placed on the market with a price below my limits.

After intensive testing I can now open up this service to other interested users. It is free of charge at the moment. If you are interested, please contact me via a comment in this post or via discord (rondras#2025). To support this service you can however use our pack buying interface, which you can find here.

What do you need to do:
First of all, you need to create a specialized trading account. The Bot needs your active key and I do not want to get access to the keys of your regular key. I know that this is against the central rule to keep your keys private. Also, keep funds on the account limited to the amount of trust you put in me. If you buy valuable cards you can move them to your main account. I would love to organize this without the need to get your keys, but as the bots has to pay for the cards in an automated way, I can unfortunately not avoid this.

Then you have to set you limits for which you want to buy the cards at maximum. You can set your limits for the different rarities and individually for a number of cards which is expanded continously.

Then everything will be done automatically. The bot will go over and over through the market and buy every card that is available on the market and below or at the level of your limits.


If several users want a card - who will get it?
If a card comes to the market which is below the limit of several users it can only be bought by one users. To decide who will get the cards we buy the card for the user with the highest limit.
As an example, if one user has a limit of 0.05 USD for a common and another of 0.04 USD and a new card comes to the market for 0.03 USD, it will be bought by the user with the limit of 0.05 USD.

Why do you provide this service if you do not earn money with the Bot?
In fact, I do not earn any money providing the bot for free to interested users. But I have invested heavily into cards and I am convinced that any service that makes Steem Monsters more attractive is good for the eco-system and thus for my investment. If you like what you get you can however support the project by buying your packs through interface.
You can hind this interface here.

I wish you all good luck with your trading and playing the game in the future. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

All the best,

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Are you not able to create a "market" for the bots to buy through and collect fees that way? Just a thought.

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yes, that would be possible and is an option for later. But for now I have focussed on other things first.


How about a market for even exchanges of cards? Instead buy/sell; exchange a Lord of Darkness for a Gold Dragon; etc. But, both parties pay a $4 fee to use the platform....or something like that.


This would be absolutely doable. The only issue is that you would need a central counterpart you trust. But on the other hand this is the same when you buy your cards through or - you also have to trust them. You would have to send your card to the market and specify for which cards you would swap them. The question is how many people would be willing to trade like this on an exchange. I am nt sure about this.

@rondras and @steemmonsters this seems like an incredibly useful bot and a service many will be grateful to use. I can remember when Magic the Gathering first started. I was among the young Middle School aged kids who loved getting involved... and that game is still going very strong today. If Steem Monsters trading cards grows in popularity, and widespread use, like Magic the Gathering - then I am sure it is a wise investment. But - I also want to encourage everyone to PLAY the game and enjoy the intangible benefits of community interaction as well. Simply buying cards as an investment will soon diminish its worth. Having a game people love and support - that will grow over time - will only benefit the entire economy truthfully. All the best encouragement - I hope to pick up a few more Gold Cards myself! - @aejackson


Hi @aejackson, you can be sure that I will be playing the game and I have already started thinking which decks could be best. The bot is just a tool that can help you adding some cards to your deck - no matter if you want to play with them or if you want to primarily invest. I think as a tart the investor type card pack buyers are useful as the bring in the needed cash to develop a great game. But to become truly successful people need to actually love playing the game.

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This is really cool.

I love it

I think we can say @steemmonsters is incredibly huge from now on. We even got bots to make the journey in the game more comfortable and make some money along the way.

With a service like this everybody will be able to get the cards they want for cheaper than they expected.

Die gewünschte Seite ist nicht aufrufbar. Mache ich da was falsch?

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