Giveaway! 5 SteemMonster Booster Packs!

in steemmonsters •  6 months ago

In honor of the SteemMonsters pre-sale, we will be giving away booster packs!

Here is how to qualify for the drawing:

  1. Purchase a Starter OR Booster pack on in the next 24 hours. PURCHASES FROM THE PAST DO NOT COUNT!
  2. Take a screenshot of your transaction from your Wallet page.
  3. Upvote post and comment on this post with the screenshot of your transaction!

Winners will be selected at random! 1 booster pack for each winner!

Screen Shot 2018-06-01 at 6.04.50 PM.png

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Got one rare and 4 commons.



Thanks for this oportunity.
My proof of buy:



and no epics again....


Thanks a lot.

Awesome, I like the new effort and happy to participate with everyone!

Here is my proof of purchase!

Great job to the creators on this project!