Winners of Steem Monster's Beta pack give away.

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Have won a Beta Pack from my 5 pack give away!

"Hey Randolph, that's only 4 people . . . what's gives?" you say.

Well five people did respond to my giveaway post . . . one of them ~ shoemanchu~ did not want to be included as he is a founding member of ContestKings.


So, we lacked one person, and there either was no interest in a free beta Steem Monster pack, or the rules were too hard for the average steemian to follow.
(no follow, no upvote, no resteem)
Troubling in any event.

So, I opened it on my own . . . and got this.

open one beta pack.jpg

Yep, so many people chose to pass up a Kobold Miner.

Easily the only Steem-Monster with an "outie" belly button.

So congratulation to the Steem-4
I hope you have a pack opening and show us what you got.

Thank you all for playing.

That's my code if you want to purchase a starter pack of Steem Monsters.
I am giving an alpha pack to the first ten people who use my code.
Send me a message and we will look at the verification site. (where ever that is)


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Thanks for the contest below are the cards from the pack you sent me. Congrats to you for finding a legendary :)


The Twisted Jester is always a great find.

Thank you so much for the Beta Booster pack! I got a gold Minotaur! And a full compliment of Silvershield soldiers, which was pretty nice too.



Yeah! That's what I'm talking about!
Gold . . .
And Silver . . .

Thanks for the giveaway! Here's what I got :)


The Divine Healer. . . or as I like to call him/her Willie Nelson.