The "This is no giveaway" giveaway is ready. And the winning players of Rock, Paper, Scissors, contest are presented.

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The original post is found here:

And it was a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors in order to win.

The players are:

[-]bearbear613 (65) · 14 days ago

[-]minimining (53) · 14 days ago

[-]doctorcrypto (56) · 14 days ago
Scissors please

[-]barne734 (52) · 14 days ago

[-]gregory-f (63) · 14 days ago

[-]sepone (54) · 14 days ago

[-]jznsamuel (67) · 13 days ago
Such a cool idea for a giveaway, definitely hoping for more :)
Paper pls!


[-]marisenpai (44) · 13 days ago


[-]balticbadger (55) · 8 days ago
Sorry, you didn't like my post. But if I'm allowed to play your giveaway I will take scissors, please

[-]petertag (42) · 8 days ago
If this is still open, I'll take rock please!

[-]schabenstolz (50) · 8 days ago

I assigned each person a number and put that into a hat.


I drew numbers 3 at a time for the first round.


I took a picture of each round . . . I would post them here, but my camera died, and the size microcard will not fit a slot on this computer.
In the end doctorcrypto was the clear winner of all of round 1.
and he wins the grand prize of The golden dragon. alpha golden dragon.jpg

I could not get current pics of the contest

Second place will go to marisenpai with a "Rock" with a number of "4" entered in the second round. Magic sphinx.jpg

Sepone and petertag will both get the Rare flying Elton John. Also with a winning "Rock" with numbers "5" % "7" in the second round.
elton john.jpg

Every one else gets my favorite Card . . . the Divine Willie Nelson
Willie Nelson.jpg

Thanks for playing the game.
By the way included in the divine *Willie Nelson is a level 10 . . . and a gold alpha . . . Now, that is a giveaway!


And this is my affiliate code for those of you new to Steem Monsters.

Use it and I'll send you whatever I promised in this post.

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Thank you for the Divine Willie Nelson Healer card!


You are welcome . . . my favorite card.

Wow! Thank you! You sent a different card. Not sure if that was a mistake or not. I would love to keep it. :)


A golden alpha dragon . .. I just used the wrong picture.


You sent me a Selenia sky.


That's even better!!
Like I said . . . Wrong picture.
Enjoy your Selenia Sky. (I've been giving them out, recently)


Thanks a ton!!!


all a rush, same old, same old.

Wow! thank you so much! :D


I hope you enjoy the game!

Thanks for the prize :)