Steem Monsters epic Giveaway, No upvote . . . no resteem . . . no follow.

in steemmonsters •  4 months ago

Let me know who you are in the comments.
I'm giving away 5Beta packs . . . random chances . . . to 5 people that mean each person gets one 1 pack each for a total of 5 packs for the total giveaway.

Just cause I want to get my affiliate code out there
Someone may need it.
I'll also send an alpha pack to the first ten people who use my affiliate code and purchase their first starter pack with it.
let's see how that goes.
Someday there will be a list of people who use these codes . . .
does anyone know how to find that list?

beta packs open.jpg

I almost forgot:

Please use the above code for the purchase of your first Steem Monster starter pack.
(If you have an existing account and have previously purchased a starter pack. Have integrity. That stuff is easy to track.)

5 packs to be determined at the end of post-payout.

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Hi shoemanchu here, awesome no upvote no resteem and no follow requirements.....👊🏽


Thank you @shoemanchu, I have been fortunate to find Steem Monsters at such an early stage. I would like to help and promote this game/event.
I think that it is important to the Steemit community and crypto as a whole to see what can be done with the blockchain.


Well I just looked you up and made sure you were in our contestkings discord and yup your there, so you can take me out of this contest seeing that I am one of the founders of contestkings..... Glad your apart of the team.....💯

@gregory-f here, thanks for running this contest.


Great to hear from you gregory . . . looks like we will get a pack if no one else wants one.

Nice giveaway ... good luck to all !


Hey rentmoney, great chance on getting a pack.

Thanks for giving back! :)


Hey Doc . . . thanks for checking in. I hope that we will soon be doing the voice work . . .

Thanks for the giveaway :)


I'm glad you made it for this one jznsamuel. I have a great Idea for the next one.
So, keep an eye out for that one too.