Gold-Foil Divine Healer Giveaway. Steem Monsters.

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The big day has arrived.

I'm giving away a Gold-Foil Divine Healer. In case you missed the original post, as so many people do - it was seven days ago.

divine healer giveaway.jpg

Entrances' are:

No upvote, no resteem, no follow, required . . . no demands for a gift.

Rules were found here.

On with the show:
I wrote every entrance name down (anyone who commented on OP) And folded them with a number.
Put them into the hat.

I drew number # and asked the Magic 8-ball if this was the winner.

And the answer was . . . aww . . . the icosahedron ball floated point up in the liquid and reviled no answer.

Ok . . . again "Does number 3 win the Gold-Foil Divine Healer?"


"Not talking huh?! "
"I'm asking you again . . . Will number #3 win the Gold-Foil Divine Healer? "


"So that's the way it's going to be . . . "
"I'm asking you nicely for the last time . . . Did Contestant #3 win?!" gf5.jpg

gf side view.jpg

There was a scuffle,
Then a sudden noise . . . the kind of sound that a Co2 pellet gun makes when it accidentally discharges.
Someone screamed in the background.

And then silence.
no pellet gun.jpg

And the winner is/are
Numbers 1 thru 6 . . . congratulations on your Gold-Foil Alpha Divine Healer!!

This is Randolph Rope.

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I'm going to need a new Magic 8-Ball.


I am not sure if it still works or not but Steemit has one.
I am not sure if you just comment its name or have to ask a question in your title.

Do you come for comments @magic8ball ?

Wow wow wow WOW!!!

That is amazingly generous of you @randolphrope... thank you so much. I LOVE my gold foil Devine Healer.



You are very welcome Goose20.

wow, thank you, really do appreciate it


You are welcome . . . that was fun.

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wow, mighty generous of you. i should keep an eye out for another giveaway!


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Wow, I wasn't expecting that. Your Magic 8 Ball is broken, so we all win a Gold Foil  Divine Healer? That's awesome ... err, sorry about your Magic 8 Ball and all ... but, yeah! 😉 Thanks so much.


The Magic 8-Ball wouldn't talk.

OMG that was such a funny and cool post. Thank you for the card and thanks for giving us all the card. Kind of very unexpected! Your magic 8-ball should find a new purpose though, I fear it is not so reliable. lol


I may put the 8-Ball on top of a cane . . .

This is awesome! Thank you so much for the gold Divine Healer.