Steem Monster Card Giveaway (1UP Fundraiser) Divine Healer Give away . . . Could it be a gold card?

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I am giving away a Divine Healer.
One to each person who replies in the comment section.
Up to 100 and 1 Divine Healers.

The 1 Divine Healer maybe the one you are interested in.
It is this one. Out of 101 divine healers, there will be one gold Divine Healer given away.
divine healer giveaway.jpg

Just my way of saying Thank you to this wonderful community.
Steem Monsters is literally a gold mine.
I am amazed at what Aggroed, Yabapmatt, have been able to accomplish in such a short time.
This Template shows the power of the Steem Blockchain.

Thank you team members, clove71, Harisonmir, and the Uxyeti Game Design for creating a fascinating world. Not only in game . . . but, in community!

Go . . . Mavericks!

Bye, the way . . . Randolph Rope is doing the voice acting for the Divine Healer.

R. R.
How will I decide:

I will put everyone who comments name in a hat . . . then draw . . . then I will ask the Magic 8-Ball "Does -your name here- win the Gold Divine Healer?" The first "Yes" wins. Or whatever is most positive. Like "Definitely" "of course"
● It is certain.
● It is decidedly so.
● Without a doubt.
● Yes - definitely.
● As I see it, yes.
I have this cool new microphone, so I will more than likely post a video.

Having a great day!

We have until the payout of this post to reply for a chance to be gifted the Gold Divine Healer.

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Nice Giveaway .. Thanks !


Doing that dance is when I understood that I could not dance.


Two left feet club checking in.

Yessss! I wanna join giveaway. It looks cool lol, but I wonder what the magic ball is :o


Magic 8-Ball
The Magic 8-Ball is a toy used for fortune-telling or seeking advice, developed in the 1950s and manufactured by Mattel. The user asks a question to the large plastic ball, then turns it over to reveal a written answer which appears on the surface of the toy.


Thank yo9u sur randolph

Wow, nice giveaway. It's not every day 101 people will walk away with a little treat. Thanks

In my view the heal whole team cards will become highly prized in matches when tournaments get underway.


The Divine Healer is a surprisingly underrated card.

wow, this is generous, hopefully I can win the gold


With the number of entrants we have, I would say that your chances of winning are better than buying a pack.


it seems like it, here I come, going for gold

Thanks for this terrific giveaway and congrats on being selected to be the voice of the Divine Healer.


Thank you gregory-F I'm excited about doing the voice acting. It sounds like a great deal of fun. I hope that his leads to other doors opening in voice work.

Hey @randolphrope, thanks for this easy to enter giveaway! I'd love to win a Gold Foil  Divine Healer, but I'd be just as happy with a regular one too. I've been learning more about the Khymian  (White/Life) Splinter lately, a Splinter that I had initially mostly ignored, but it looks like they might be better than I had anticipated. I've been building up all of my Summoners  for all the Splinters at the same rate, so that I can field a Team from any Splinter when the battles and tournaments begin, but I really need to work more on my Monsters  now too. Thanks for this opportunity to win! That Gold Foil  certainly would be nice. 😉

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I'm happy that you appreciate the simplicity of the giveaway.
There is no need to make people jump thru hoops just for me to say thank you to this wonderful community.


Thanks for this comment, I really, truly appreciate what you've just said here, and it is very timely too!

Just last night I made a commitment to endorse the stance of my #SteemMonsters guild captain @o07, and the other leaders of the #ContestKings 🦁 guild, who are pushing to limit the amount of unnecessary resteems on the Steem blockchain. I've been a little concerned that my endorsement of this policy will mean that I am entering a few less SM contests and competitions now, and probably missing out on some great opportunities to win some nice SteemMonsters cards. But it is awesome that people are starting to respond quite favourably to this stance, and then there are people like yourself, @randolphrope, who were already doing so! Thanks so much for keeping your contest entry requirements simple! If you're of a mind to, you should join the #ContestKings 🦁 SteemMonsters guild!

The devine healer is a cool card. Thank you for taking part in the 1UP airdrop.


I am surprised at how well the character fits my own.
The Divine Healer seems to be Old-World Aztec, Inca, in clothing style.
This will be a great deal of fun.


Yes, I felt connected to it as well but went for the Earth splinter as I prefer their green style. :)

Do you have ties to the Aztec?