Awesome to hear @powermaster... do you think there would be more demand for Novice Level than Silver Level based on people you've spoke with?

And I think people can see that bold challenge, I hope someone takes you up on it... Let me know how it goes if you try it :)

And thanks for the feedback!

I would like to see newbies/beginners who don't have the $10 for a starter pack be able to play/challenge other people or PRACTICE for FREE since the @steemmonters platform allows this at the moment.

For anyone reading this you can log into with your POSTING KEY and navigate your way onto the platform without paying the $10 starter set!

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That is a very good point and one that doesn't get discussed enough... You are right that people can play steemmonsters without the rewards any time they like without a starter deck... I do encourage people to try it out for sure... Btw, if you find someone that is truly excited about the game and doesn't have money for a starter deck, then our guild has level 1 common and rare decks available. You are welcome to join us and help others, plus be in the company of some pretty down to earth awesome players too!

Thanks @davemccoy

I am trying everyday to get my family and friends into playing @steemmonsters

I actually bought several starter sets and booster packs and gift cards during the holidays.

Most of them played it for a few days and rarely play at the moment.

I was hoping that the new CHALLENGE feature would be USEFUL so they can CHALLENGE one another.

It will most likely take a few more months for them to come back to @steemmonsters and try again...

BTW I enjoy reading ALL your SM post/comments daily. I can tell you are very passionate about SM and have GREAT IDEAS and DISCUSSIONS.

Thanks @davemccoy

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wow... that is a very awesome comment about me at the end! Thank you very much :)

I think its terrific that you are trying to get others involved. If I can help in any way, just let me know... We have a group of probably 40 people and most are regulars... plus we have people from the beginner levels to a few in the top 20... We don't have many big decks for people to play, but we do have some level 1 decks that we let people use to learn and hopefully earn some themselves. I love that you took the initiative and bought your family/friends in... And the thing to remember is this game is still super new, so they are adding new cool things all the time.

Thanks again for the very nice compliment and have a good evening @powermaster :)

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