Thousands of cards sold... Now Getting ready for the rest of you. #BidMarket

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Looks like about 40% of the users that can use the bid market have used the bid market and that's pretty great.

We fixed a couple behind the scenes things and like we've said we have a few things to implement before we feel comfortable giving everyone access.

Users have asked for the following...

  • A way to see what your OWN highest bid is when you view a card.
  • Both buyers and sellers want to see the "Market Depth" meaning not just what the highest bid is but what the other bids are behind it
  • Limitations on bidding to make sure there are no "Ghost Bids" aka make sure you have the credit to pay for your biggest bid at least.


Just look at some of these max quantitiy bids that have been fulfilled or almost fulfilled.

And that's with just a few dozen users just starting to populate the bids. And access just for our best customers who for the most part have already bought most of the cards they're likely interested in.

Next stop is giving access to hundreds of more users many of which haven't completed their decks of cards.

Things are looking up in peakmonsters.


While there is no fee to use the bid market we do pass along 90% of the savings to the user when we find a card for LESS than their bid. Which means IF and only IF we find a card for less than your bid do we make money on the bid market.
I think most sellers will learn to look at before they list cards... however there are still a decent amount of users who still use sites like steemmonsters to post cards and therefore there are some savings also there are bidders who are willing to bid 2.9 cents on a card in order to be gauranteed to get the 2 cent listings (and not pay for 3 cent listings) and in those cases for example we'd make 10% of .9 cents.


So with this fixed I'm personally interested in dumping some more cards onto the market. Last time we dumped 100+ steem of cards onto the market... it was kinda fun playing santa.

But i'll save most of them for when EVERYONE gets access.

Stay tuned!!

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@peakmonsters I really like what you are doing for the Monster Market Place and I am grateful that I was one of the initial people to garner access. Now If I could just get more Money to Level Up my Summoners.........


Well then we wish you much money in 2019 ;)

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I love all three suggestions for BID market updates. They are still upcoming, right?


That's the plan. Hopefully they aren't time consuming we want to get it out fast and move on.

I already bought at least $110 (yes, gold legendary pheonix) using this bidding feature. Look forward to the future updates!

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wait you got a gold legendary on a bid? How'd i miss that?


To answer you I logged in to find that I actually bought 2 gold pheonix, 110 and 99. I also bought the reward gold summoner around 10.

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dang! I need to update some of my bids. haha

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