Weekly card giveaway + last week's winner

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So how are those battles going? I am now closer to my goal of gathering enough DEC to get Legendary and Alchemy potions! Will probably try and gather some more orbs before using the potions thow, but the way the game is going, won't be long now! And speaking about DEC, found out recently that @tcpolymath created a bot called @ottermaker, that can make it more profitable for you to send cards instead of burning them for those crystals; it's definitely worth checking out!


And who won last week's card?


Congratulations @stranger27! An Undead Minotaur to your ranks!

For this week's card, let's continue with the double strikers! It's the...




@contestkings rules, which means, no upvote, follow or resteem required. Just comment! Or even better, tag a fellow player! Winner will be randomly chosen at post payout! Good luck everyone!


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Thank you!)) I am in and tagging @rollie1212

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thanks for the giveaway.

I am in @clode71

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Am in! Thanks for inviting me! Go on @klismois

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I'm in. thanks for the invite @rollie1212 👍

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