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RE: SCAM ALERT - Beware of @twizeh and other shady characters when trading outside Steem Monsters Market...

in #steemmonsters6 years ago

He tried to trick someone from the german community too.. but luckily we checked for him the account and saw many red flags like below and saved his soul:

  • his first two posts were deleted
  • his first follow was trevonjb
  • he started a alphabetically follow frenzy
  • no pack buying proved the possession of the packs
  • his posts of making quick money with Steem Monsters raised further red flags
  • he rejected an escrow.. that was the final nail to what sort of human we had here..

You'd learned a hard lesson! Please never make again such big deals without an escrow, ask the great community first.


Yeah, I'm a big desperate dummy. I walked right past so many red flags just whistling the tune of a man about to hand over his savings...

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