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The Steem Monsters #decktalk of @rondras and me goes into the next round. To continue the deck debate in an article form is a smart idea. You are welcome to participate! Just write an article to answer on one of our decks. You can also introduce a new deck.

My water deck has already successfully fought a battle and is still undefeated, but that doesn't stop me from sending a new deck into the arena. I've already sawed up Tim's mixed rush deck and now I'm waiting for an answer. Apparently you're all scared!

Because of these little experiments, I realize how strong the element decks are. I didn't expect that.

Let's go...

Although I have a max deck, I would like to build another cheap deck, which is balanced and has good combos. This elemental-golem-deck (greetings to @mattclarke) costs exactly 20 mana.

  • Lyanna Natura
  • Flesh Golem
  • Minotaur Warrior
  • Goblin Sorcerer
  • Swamp Thing

Here are the cards in detail....

Position 0: Lyanna Natura (3 Mana)

Thanks to Lyanna Natura all cards get +1 health. That's not the strongest ability compared to other summoners. However, I'm trying to make the best of it in this deck.

Steem Monsters - Flesh Golem

Position 1: Flesh Golem (6 Mana)

Melee: 5 / Speed: 3 / Health: 9 / Ability: Heal, Void

Flesh Golem is a huge tank and quite a beast. He is a little expensive with 6 mana, but the ability "heal" is very valuable in this deck. The nasty Flesh Golem is with the two abilities "heal" and "void" very suitable for the first position. Mage attacks basically do less damage thanks to "void". The Golem gets +1 health from Lyanna and thus has 10 health. With 10 health Flesh Golem is well equipped to hold the first position for a long time and he will heal himself every round!

Steem Monsters - Minotaur Warrior

Position 2: Minotaur Warrior (4 Mana)

Melee: 4 / Speed: 4 / Health: 7 / Armor: 1 / Ability: Piercing

Similar to the last deck two tanks are used here as well. The Minotaur Warrior gets +1 health from Lyanna and thus has 8 health and 1 armor. Armor +1 doesn't sound so exciting at first. But the armor absorbs a lot of damage, because no health is deducted at the first blow! The "piercing" ability allows the Golem despite armor of the defending monster melee or ranged attack damage beyond the amount of Armor of the defending Monster will reduce hit the defending Monster's health.

Steem Monsters - Goblin Sorcerer

Position 3: Goblin Sorcerer (4 Mana)

Magic: 3 / Speed: 7 / Health: 4 / Ability: Sneak, Dodge

The Goblin Sorcerer gets +1 health from Lyanna and thus has 5 health. Due to the +7 speed, the Goblin will strike the first blow in many cases on the battlefield. The ability "sneak" allows the goblin from the third-row to attack the last position of the opponent. If the opponent has no "thorns" ability there, this position is decimated from the third row protection, round for round. The ability "dodge" gives the Goblin Sorcerer a higher chance of evading melee and ranged attacks.

Steem Monsters - Swamp Thing

Position 4: Swamp Thing (3 Mana)

Range: 2 / Speed: 1 / Health: 6 / Ability: Weaken, Slow, Void

The stats of the Swamp Thing look terrible at first sight. However, his abilities make him extremely powerful and that's why he's in this deck. He also gets +1 health from Lyanna and thus has 7 health. Range +2 is not much, but he can use it from a safe distance round after round to crash the opponent's first position. The primary value of Swamp Thing are the abilities. The ability "weaken" reduce all enemy monsters' melee attack (-1) and health (-1). The ability "slow" cause the speed (-1) stat of all enemy monsters to be reduced. Mage attacks basically do less damage thanks to "void".

This is fun!

Here you can find the article with all abilities.

Have you promoted the Kickstarter campaign to your friends yet?

How would you competing with my deck?


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My boy knocked it out of the park in this match. Very satisfying to watch.
Loved the title. Got that song in my head now :)


Thanks, Matt! :)

Hallo @oliverschmid, ist ja schon eine Weile her seit wir das letzte Mal Kontakt hatten.
Du hast mir ja schon öfters geholfen! Und du kennst dich ja auch bestens aus! Und ich hoffe, du kannst mir helfen!

An wen wende ich mich?
Ich habe im Monstermarkt vor drei Tagen drei Golddrachen gekauft, aber nur einen bekommen!


Hi! Puhh, da kann ich Dir nur empfehlen auf deren Discord Server im Kanal #tech-support um Hilfe zu bitten. Yaba antwortet dort grundsätzlich zügig.


Hi, vielen Dank!


Gerne geschehen. :)

Thanks for this! Earth is my first choice to max too. Currently all cards are 1 level away from max. Trying to gather cheap earth GF too


You're welcome! :)

This is fun!

Basically both decks (this and this) also work with level 9 cards. Probably this is even more economical, because then you can level the "rest" with tournament XP.

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