My status in steemmonsters 20 – 06

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             I am creating this post after a week. I haven’t time to create posts and play tournament last few days because I spends a few days with my real life business and family members.  I am lucky and happy with real life last few days, but not in steemmonsters. 

 What I lost in steemmonsters  last few days 

 Top 50 places in ranking games 

After renting cards I enter to top 50 in ranked games.  But this time I got 59th place in the Leaderboard. I had a chance to move to top 50. but I didn't play ranked games for 2 days before the end of last season.

  Energy capture rate  

Mostly I am maintaining my steemmonsters Energy capture rate over 75%. I didn’t play several days and my Sm Energy capture rate moves to 100%. So it is wasted without playing games.

  Weekend tournament   

We are always waiting for weekend tournaments. Because it is giving big prize and more tournament.  Specially gold and alpha tournaments those are my favorite tournaments.  I earned or won many steem prizes from those tournaments. My bad, I haven't time to play. (I think I lost between 60 to 100 steem from tournament).

   DEC earnings   

I lost over 10k, Dec earnings without playing. mostly I get at least 2k dec playing every day. It should help to cover my rental fees.  (I am currently spending over 3$ per day)  

  Lost SPT payout   

 Yesterday I got my first splintertalk post payout. I got over 450 valuable spt votes for that post and i checked that post before payout, It is showed 350+ spt. but after payout it is showing only 49 spt including my 8 spt vote.    i got only 32 spt in S.E . so I lost over 350/2 spt from this post. also I haven’t received 3 or 4 spt for reply vote payout. I know it’s not valuable for this monument, but it’s should valuable in future.

But the steam - engine gives some extra spt for me. I can't understand what's going on there.  Maybe some recovery for pervious lost / mistake.  It good to us and thanks for steem-engine team.

 current status in steemmonsters.

 Total won steem only 

 All time   ( 696 steem and 20th place )

 This month   (132.5 steem )

  Dates from

Also i won 2.40$ valuable steemmonsters promo cards for 12th place in Funny Tournament  hosted by @pkocjan

 Current rank

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for help Discordapp steemmonsters  

for help Discordapp peakmonsters

  (If there have any false details in this article, please accept my apologies)


Thank you for participating in the tournament :) I hope you had a good time ;)

thanks for hosting wonderful tournament with high prizes. @pkocjan

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Hi @mydays!



  • 1353.053 STEEM
  • 2.090 STEEM from Affiliate
  • 697.150 STEEM from tournament prizes
  • 120.439 SBD
  • 0.000 SBD from Affiliate


  • 74.881 STEEM
  • 15.311 STEEM for tournament entry fees
  • 52.737 SBD


  • 1962.101 STEEM
  • 67.702 SBD