I only got into Tron last week. There's a lot of upside to it but I still prefer Steem.

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I'm curious why you decided to buy Tron? Was it before STEEM announced the partnership?
I bought Tron at 2.1 cents, but unfortunately sold them before this recent spike. Could have been up 30% but instead I got out with only 15% profit. Worst part is now I don't have any Trons for the Kickstarter.

C'est la vie.

I got involved with Tron through the TWX telegram airdrop at the end of March. Then after looking into TRX and BTT I decided TRX was undervalued. A bear market is a great time to get into any asset. There's a lot of upside at 2-3 cents.

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Nice timing. I also took advantage of the free $25 of Tron air drop. I love free coins. Best of luck with this investment. I need to wait for a good price point to get back in for the SplinterLand Kickstarter.

Yes, it's great isn't it....make people buy more shit just to keep up with everyone else, and make it even more expensive. Screw all the people who spent all that money without being told that everything was going to be turned into something completely different than the original form, that will eventually make their decks uncompetitive unless they keep "paying" to be competitive. Congrats to all the people with deep pockets or large followings on here who can continue to do that, and fund their way to success, but some of us can't and will just leave the game because we are not important any longer.....neither are our collections which will become useless as more time passes and just collect virtual dust. But who cares right? We will just sell everything at 1/2 price or less and make everyone happy. Those people will just be ignored and everyone will move on. Keep feeding the same people at the top with the deep pockets......Oh shit, was my comment not nice enough or complimentary enough? I Guess it wont be welcomed then, since people are only interested in fake compliments and PR spin.

On the contrary your existing deck could become more expensive with the increased demand. So smile. Every Blockchain game is like this. At least we own the assets as NFT's, unlike traditional online games.

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While your small point based on what I said "may" turn out to be true in the very long run, it may also not....besides, that was not even close to what my main point was.

The main point was constantly introducing new cards and features into the game, making people buy shit just to be to be competitive, and how ridiculously expensive it all is. It wasn't supposed to be that way. And, if you don't constantly "upgrade" you become irrelevant. So what your cards are worth on the market, does not help you in the game or give you any greater chance at success.

The other problem is, that almost all the wealth and cards are being sucked up by very few people in the overall scheme of things....that's what everyone on this platform has always complained about...but here we are continuing that trend. Do people have amnesia all of a sudden? Of course. Self-Interest and self-interest only. That's all that matters....

Of course self interest is all that matters. That's the whole point of everything. You say that as if it's a bad thing.

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Is that the only part that stuck with you? Did I say that self-interest was all bad or that it doesn't or shouldn't exist? I don't think so. But if ONLY self-interest was all that mattered and nothing else, then the game WILL NOT GROW. That would stifle growth and would not incentivise current or prospective players to buy or own their own decks. And that is exactly what is happening. Pack sales and player numbers are low. The numbers being thrown around are deceptive and false.

It wouldn't stifle growth. Not growing is not in your self interest.

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I know that. That was my point?

Why do you feel screwed? The gsme won't change and your card collection will get more valueable because of the increased player base.
I know another set of cards but like with the promo cards they will not be the oney that make the game.
I also exhausted my investments and won't be able to max out further but thats not problem as long the game gets more popular.

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Well, I'm not only speaking for myself, so I don't feel screwed only on an individual level. I can guarantee you that there are many others that feel the same way, but none of them ever get heard. They just leave. The game will change..It always has, so what you may think is not needed now, may be very much needed in the future. But, when will It end? At what point will the constant release of cards that require more and more spending ever end? Since when did the development and improvement of the game require this many card releases within such a short period of time? Those questions are not for you to answer of course, but I'm just throwing them out there, for obvious reasons.

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Yeah, I understand you on that point. I guess there will be no really end to this game in terms of how many cards get released. But I think the game will become more casual over time because several improvements to the overall gameplay haven't even been touched in discussions like. Guilds, DEC, Items, Spells, Skins, PVE and the option to purchase land or do crafting with items.
This game will become very versatile and awesome for every type of player (of course thats just in my mind) but we need to give the game more time to develop itself.
Any other Game that tries to achieve the same will also need a lot of time, patience and support from its community.
So Users who are leaving now never really had the interest to dig deeper into this game and "they" feel screwed because they had the wrong expectations from the beginning. I mean how can you feel screwed if you play the "daily Quest" and get "season rewards" after a while you sell your Deck for maybe 75% of its value. Most users would have made profit and had a good time playing the game for a short while.
They will come back when all this updates are in place...I guess. Lets cross fingers that SM gets the whole thing right until the end of the year!

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