I'm addicted to steemmonsters

in steemmonsters •  16 days ago

I spend the whole day playing steemmonster to finally earn my daily rewards. Best card I got for the day:


I am now ranked 2817 overall. Still got a lot of catching up to do.

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This is one of my favorite cards when it is leveled up to add the inspire ability. At only 1 mana, this brownie will help your other monsters destroy your enemy faster.

I hope “spent the whole day” was an exaggeration. If not, then you need some help because that is too ouch time to spend on the Daily Quest.


More like 6 hours but felt like a whole day. Definitely struggling with limited cards I have. Been buying some to get better at water and fire splinters.


It's actually good that you just started SteemMonsters now. I invested very early and like most crypto investments, it shot up quickly and tripled in value. I did not sell but kept buying, naively thinking it would continue to rise. What does up must come down, so it did.

Currently, the supply of card is way higher than demand, so you can buy them cheaper than ever. Especially at the end each season when reward cards are distributed, then people dump unwanted cards.

Brownie is great when all melee have sneak attack or can attack from anywhere.