Steem Monsters sold out!

in steemmonsters •  2 months ago

Prior to the beta launch of the game 300,000 Alpha booster packs were being sold or until October 1.

Well it didn't even reach the middle of the month when it has already sold out! That is $600,000 dollars raised alone from the sale of the booster cards!

It has also a Kickstarker campaign of $50,000 and has already reached that with 192 backers!


This is pretty exciting news and especially good for the Steem Blockchain as once this goes live and the tournaments start then it will provide a different way of using the Steem Blockchain.

You get a Steem account, together with its secure wallet and ability to transfer from and into different exchanges so you can buy more cards or use your earnings in a different way.

You also can sell your excess cards in the marketplace and everything is saved in the blockchain so there will be little to no instances of being scammed out of a card!

Unfortunately I still don't have any legendaries but hoping that by leveling up my cards I will have a good chance of winning some matches.

I am pretty interested to see how you will be matched because it can be tuly lopsided if I get matched with someone with a rich deck.

Anyway looking forward to battling summoners!

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That's crazy news @maverickinvictus! And great news for the blockchain, like you said. Let's hope many new users will find their way onto the blockchain through this game :-)

looks cool and interesting!

Funny thing is that am still not into steem monsters. Maybe I need to learn some lessons quickly