Thanks Marina! As for strategy on the placement, I will be posting more complete details, but here is a short version:

in the front put your tanks (high defensive stats, health and shield, etc)... Those will take the brunt of the hits from the other teams. (remember that most monsters will only attack the front guy, so the tank is the best to take those hits and keep standing).

and there are 2 other main things to consider: 1) the guy in the back will get hit by the other team's sneek, so make sure he is decent in defense or expendable (also snipes are a factor too), and 2) know where your card can fight from. (ie an archer can't shoot his arrow from the first slot, so keep them near the back so they don't get stuck up front if the tank goes down).

I'm looking forward to explaining further, so ask me any questions... You are my teammate so I will happily get you up to speed ;)

Great! Thank you for the early short version will wait for your post with compleat details

You are very welcome! Its going to be fun! :D