Powering up a bit more // Just blew past a 1000 STEEM earned from Steem Monsters

in steemmonsters •  17 days ago

Yesterday was a "big day" for me in Steem monsters. The day when my 200 STEEM fundition investment 3 months ago finally passed the 1000 STEEM profit point.
Not to repeat myself again from the previous 2 posts yesterday about the earning potential created for STEEM users with this game, i still have to say that i think SM shows how imperative it is for app developers to realize the importance of creating a potential for earning not only for themselves but for the user as well.

Many devs create a product that might offer "a service" but lacks the monetary incentive for consumers. Actually, looking from the monetary side you are even disincentivized from using that platform/product due to beneficiary fees.

Relying only on beneficiary fees is extremely unimaginative.

Anyways.. I decided to power up a bit more to 4000 SP. Last 2 months i powered up quite a bit going from 1300 SP to now 4000.
I dont really have a major reason for doing so. Maybe its the increased curation thats nice, maybe its because i can support the few Steem creators i like with bigger upvotes, maybe its because i like seeing that number in my wallet.
Could be a million things. hehe.

At this point my goal remains of reaching 5000 SP and becoming a dolphin by summer. I do earn around 2 Steem per day posting (which is nice, but relying only on posts, it would take me a a year and a half to become a dolphin at that pace. hehe) so really, a few gfl reward cards are needed to get me there. RNG FTW!

Keep on Steeming and ill see you around. And go buy some Steem Monster cards. ;)
This my affiliate link :D

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Are you making that much selling cards because thats crazy.


Lord, tell us more about how that initial 200 Steem turned into 1k.


Well i was early and i invested 200 STEEM in their Fundition campaign which gave me a lot of cheap cards at the time. During last 3 months i sold cards for 1000 STEEM and i still have around 700 STEEM worth of cards i play with.
The cards are a bit expensive now that STEEM is low, but the fundamentals are there for investment. ROI is constant if you do daily quests every day. Only depends how lucky you will get on drawing the expensive card...

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