It's Official! I'm finally a real geek now! @jarvie and I are going to Comic Con!

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I never fancied myself a Comic Con nerd.

I've never dressed up in cosplay or followed the Marvel world. I can't quote Star Trek lines or memorize Star Wars facts. I don't know the names of all the members of the Avengers team. I enjoy superhero action movies, but I can never quite remember the plot. All I remember is the flying, shooting, cool moves, and muscles and stuff. That's about it.

So why in the heck am I going to Comic Con?

That place is for people who are happier in their alter egos living in alternate universes, escaping their actual realities of living in mom's basement and playing Arc until 2 am every night...right? I mean, right?

I'm not that person. I am the one who calls into the IT department complaining my computer won't turn on, only to find out the power button was off.


Well, turns out. Comic Con is cool!

And you know what else? I'm cool enough for Comic Con....almost. And you know why? Cuz I am a Steem Monsters fan! And I'm a blockchain nerd. And they have both made me Comic Con worthy. I'm a geek now you guys! It's official. No, I'm not a developer or anything cool like that. But I got my own share of the crypto fever, and I'm proud of it. So @jarvie and I are gunna go crash the party tomorrow.

I'll be sure to make some vids and share them with you this week. So while everyone else is away at Steemfest in Toronto, I'll be handing out business cards and recruiting people to Steem Monsters to help with the kickstarter campaign!

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Hahaha I hope you 2 Nerds Lol, have a great time @littlescribe & @jarvie ! im exactly like you and can now consider myself blockchain Nerd Worthy ! Haha! You will make an awesome recruiter for Steem Monsters , looking forward to your vids and posts from Comic Con! Upped and resteemed 😂😂😂✌👌💕


Ha ha ha ha! I love the comment, and I love the image. You kill me. he he

Oh, what fun! Down here in Auckland we have an annual event called Armageddon Expo, which I have been to a few times in the past, once even in a cosplay costume. Being an "elder geek", I find it a bit difficult to get around all those halls and stalls these days, but I really do enjoy it when I can get to the expo. This year's event is happening on 19-22 October, so if anyone wants to ship me some SteemMonsters merchandise to New Zealand, I can probably still organise something for this event, haha.

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Actually, if you give aggroed some proper warning, he may be able to. Is there anyone you can pair up with for a booth or anything?

Oh God, here I go being a comic book nerd nerding out... but.. "Comic Con" refers to "San Diego Comic Con" or when used without capital letters it would be shortened version of a "comic book convention".

To nerd it up even more, this (very silly) nuance actually has affected the convention you are attending

In yet another victory for Comic-Con in its long-running battle over the rights to its name, a San Diego judge has ordered organizers of Salt Lake City’s comic convention to pay nearly $4 million in attorney fees and costs.

Please don't get sued for your blog post, just trying to cover your ass here ;)

Honestly, San Diego Comic Con are kind of jerks, they have sealed the fate of people using the brand name over the name of the product BAND-AID® vs adhesive strip, Q-tips® vs cotton swabs, ChapStick® vs lip balm, Crock-Pot® vs slow cooker, etc.

Anyways, very jealous, can't wait to see the coverage and hopefully some nerds will be walking out of the con with a little more knowledge of crypto that they didn't have before.


You're kidding! So the whole name is wrongfully used? So they're supposed to be calling it comic convention and not comic con?


It is all still recent too, that article link is just from a few weeks back. I believe all comic book conventions got screwed over big time because of this one ruling against the Salt Lake Comic Con. In the article it says they are going to appeal, but it also says this $4 million they are having to pay out to San Diego this year, they already had paid out $20,000 last year. Talk about not learning your lesson though lol.

To nerd it up more, I see both sides. I feel the term "Comic Con" is a shortened version of a term "Comic Book Convention", but I also do realize the flip side is the majority of any comic conventions that happen all year long in all the states would not be happening if San Diego Comic-Con hadn't perfected a model for everyone to copy that has garnered worldwide attention every single year for geek based stuff.


Well, I feel like if San Diego came up with it, and they own the rights to it, then everyone else should honor that. And pay the royalties or franchise up. Like a boss. It's not right to steal a name. Cool or not. Convenient or not. I thought they were all part of the same chain. So it's deceiving to use the name if it's not the same name.

I'm not sure how it works, but I always just thought it was just one big thing that took place in whatever big city would have it.

I just hope you have a good time with @jarvie. Will be expecting the video soon.