My First Steem Monster Package

in #steemmonsters2 years ago

I just got my new Steem Monster Starter Pack. I also got my first gift from @stackin, thank you very much! ☺♥


I combined the cards that @stackin gave me

Now my Goblin Shaman is on Level 2.

This is how you combine cards to Level up.

I don't know how to play this yet, but I am very excited to join tournaments and to trade cards. I have seen a lot of posts about Steem Monsters and this new game created by @aggroed is very hyped now on the platform. I am also getting hooked with Steem Monsters.

You can watch @aggroed's update of Steem Monsters on YouTube.


Hi @leahlei! How are you?
I hope you find yourself much better in health!!

Thank you very much for this interesting information, it seems like a fun game. I did not know him.
I'm going to read about it and see how it goes!

Hello @palomot, I am feeling much better now I am taking a much stronger medication. Thank you so much for your concern! :)
Steem Monster is the new hyped game on the platform and it's a lot of fun! :)

I was reading about the game, it is always advisable to invest some time in something fun (excuse my English, it's not very good 😂)

I'm glad to know that your health is improving! I hope the medication does its job. Take care a lot 🌹

excellent post! thanks for sharing

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