SteemMonsters countdown - What to expect?

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Counting down to the official launch of SteemMonsters Battle this Sunday. The SM team is busy doing the final touch to the game before it is available to all players. Just earlier today, another round of balancing was done and new animation and music were added to the battle scene. Everything is looking great for an epic launch!



The past few rounds of Beta Testing by the Mavericks were very successful and everyone came to the conclusion that the Life (White) team of Angel of Light + Divine Healer is too strong. Hence, there was a major change done to Group Healing. This ability is changed to Tank Healing and it now only heals the first card in the team. With this change, we are seeing a shift in Splinters' strength, especially the Fire splinter, who previously did not have group heal monsters.

The Fire teams are now a force to beckoned with, particularly Cerberus, who had just received a buffs in attack and gained Heal ability.

I am pretty pleased with this round of balancing but we will still need to see how each team and card perform at non-maxed level. So do expect to see many more rounds of balancing over the next few months.

PvP and Tiers

Battle will start this Sunday for PvP and according to past conversation with SM team, there will be different Tiers for matchmaking. The Tiers will depend on the level of the Summoner used.

  • Tier 1 - Summoners level 1 and 2
  • Tier 2 - Summoners level 3 and 4
  • Tier 3 - Summoners level 5 and 6
  • Tier 4 - Summoners level 6 and 7

This is so that players are matched with similar level cards and ensure a fair battle. However, with the introduction of Epic Summoners, I am not sure how this will play out now. Let's wait and see.


Do not expect tournament to be ready for at least the next one month. But what is almost guaranteed is that there will be a daily prize of $100 and weekly prize of $1000. I certainly hope that tournaments can cover the following points so that it is fair for everyone;

  • Short tournaments that last for a couple of hours - Long tournaments are time taxing and benefit people who has lots of time and prone to spamming.
  • The Ending Time of a tournament is most important. Therefore, tournaments should consider players worldwide and not restricted to any time zone.
  • Small and multiple prize. I think it is better to reward more winners with smaller prize than just a few winners with big prize. More happy players equal better gaming experience for everyone.

Resource credit

With the introduction of RC in HF20, small plankton Steem accounts may face problem while playing steemmonsters. I am very concern with this RC problem as I had introduced the game to some friends and I hope their playing experience is not affected by low RC. Will be monitoring this and help them with SP delegation after Sunday.

Are you ready?

To play Steemmonsters this Sunday? Do you have enough cards to form your dream team? Let me know if you are still lacking any cards and I will try to gift them to you.

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More than ready

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Hi, I'm looking forward to the tournaments. Thanks for this info.
I've never played a game like this so would it be possible for your help?
Here's the water elemental cards I have.
I would like to play them, since I really like Arlic Stormbringer (after all I am WizarDave and we might be cousins! haha)

I also have these neutrals...

And this dragon.

Could you please recommend

  • setting up a team
  • should I combine to level up? (I don't have a lot of cards, so level 2 will be the highest I will go for now...)

TIA if you choose to help me with this quest.


The water team is very balanced and almost every cards has a part to play. Magic is obviously this splinter strongest asset. So if you are looking to build a strong magic team, it should include Medusa, Mermain and Pixxie, couple that with Alric for an extra boost. Lightning Dragon is currently the strongest Dragon card in the team. But do remember, to use it, you will need the Selenia Sky summoner.
I recommend not to combine the cards until Sunday, wait for the battles to start. There might be different format to play in.

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