Resteem Any Post and Pay with Steem Monsters

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Resteem and Promote Any Post In Exchange for Steem Monsters Cards!

The Sales Pitch

Are you tired of getting all of those messages that say "promote your post by sending 1 STEEM or SBD to @suchandsuch to Resteem to 10,000+ followers"? I know I seem to get them at least a few times a month. As annoying as that can be, it did give me what I believe to be a really good idea this morning.

On Steemit, I have presently accumulated about 2,700 followers through the hard work I've put in over the past six months and not through some mass follow bot that people aimlessly follow. I do tend to get some good engagement on a lot of my posts so I know people are taking some time to at least see what I'm posting.

Where Is This Going?

I'm am really trying to become part of the Steem Monsters community and accumulate some cards. So far though I've only been able to buy the start set and only two additional packs thereafter.

So here's what I'm offering. Understanding that I have a quarter of the followers that many of these mass follow accounts have, I am going to offer to anyone that is interested Resteems of any post that they desire for a price of approximately 0.25 STEEM, BUT the preferred payment method will be through Steem Monsters Cards.

Payment Types

If you desire you can send 0.25 STEEM and SBD but that's not really what I'm after, instead, here is how I envision the payment chart looking:

If you don't want to shell out any STEEM and SBD but you have 57+ of certain cards then we could possibly help each other out, see below:

Option 1
Send any 1 rare card of your choosing to @jonnyla08 and either drop a link to your post in the comments to any of my posts OR DM me the link to your post privately on the Steem Monsters Discord Channel.

Option 2
Send any 5 commons of your choosing to @jonnyla08 and either drop a link to your post in the comments to any of my posts OR DM me the link to your post privately on the Steem Monsters Discord Channel.

Option 3
Send any combination of leveled up commons that would equal about 5 common cards to @jonnyla08 using the same communication methods.

Feedback Alwayd Welcomed For Improvements

I am doing this all manually through dedicating time and energy to this project, I don't have any fancy bots or coding that I know how to do, so it's just me.

I appreciate any and all feedback you guys can leave with ways to tailor or improve this project.

Any support is welcomed as I'm still learning and just starting my Steem Monsters collection.

I look forward to working with anyone who is interested and willing to try this out. Thank you for reading!

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I think the concept of using crypto gaming cards as a form of cryptocurrency in their own right is very intriguing. I might just steal this idea and use it for other services, not related to resteeming or upvoting. Maybe I could offer to design artwork in exchange for #SteemMonsters cards. 😎 Great idea!

Hey that's what I was going for here was to do something new, maybe benefit from it, or help others with new ideas. I hope you find success with that, wish I had the same skills in design work! 😊

I don't have any spare monsters right now, but I upvoted and resteemed your post for free.

Thank you, so what do you think, you think this is a decent idea?

I'm not sure how valuable a resteem is worth so I can't really say.

That's a fair assessment, if it doesn't catch on then perhaps I'll try dropping it to just commons, I'm not sure yet. I'll have to see how it goes over a designated period of time before I make any changes. It may not even get any bites. Who knows? Worth a shot I guess to do something different that no one else is doing.

Good luck on your quest.

Thank you, so what do
You think, you think this is a
Decent idea?

                 - jonnyla08

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Great idea! There are lots of ways to get Steem Monster cards! :-)

Thank you. Haha. I was trying to think outside the box on this one and do something nobody else was doing. I guess time will tell if I get any bites out of it.