Coming Soon! - Newly Acquired Account to Serve as Upvote Service

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New Upvote Service Coming Soon

I am excited to announce that I recently acquired a bullshit account that I'm cleaning up and putting to good use. I've already gave it a fancy new logo and will find something cool for the background.

Anyway, here it is...


This account has been acquired by myself and will eventually be converted into a small, manual upvote service, that will be available for use only by @jonnyla08 team followers.

To be a team follower, you can be a follower of any one of our (now 5) partner accounts, which include:


I am not a coder, nor do I have any sort of knowledge of how to automate upvote services so this will all be done manually, and ran/supervised by myself.

Here's how it will work:

This upvote service will operate using only vested Steem Power that I own or that my team accumulates and contributes to this account. It will also slowly grow from daily post rewards from @givememonsters and curation from the upvote services.

We will open up the upvote service once our vested Steem Power reaches a value of $0.02 cents per upvote.

In the intial stages of development, I will only be opening this upvote to a maximum of 5 upvotes per day, to ensure that I can handle and manage the upvoting capacity manually and that I don't fall behind with anything. In the meantime, I will be utilizing the other 5 upvotes up to the maximum of 10 upvotes you can have on Steemit per day without draining your voting power too quickly for the @givememonsters daily posts as well as for the rest of my team members. I think that's only fair given that we will be contributing and vesting our own money into this project.

Payment for these upvotes

If you follow my team, you will know by now that we run giveaways, mainly for Steem Monsters Reward Cards that we get through playing the daily quests ourselves and investing our time into winning the cards we give away.

The problem is, we can't always be available to play, and thus we need a way to ensure we have a steady stream of rewards cards for our giveaways.

Afterall, we have 4x active giveaway accounts now running daily. That's 28x cards given away each week if we dedicate our giveaways solely to Steem Monsters.

Therefore, we have decided that the payment we are requesting and will accept in exchange for these upvotes will be for the early stages:

1x Steem Monsters Rewards Common or Rare Card of Approximately a $0.02 cent value or equal value as our upvote value grows higher

This could be any reward common of your choosing including those pesky Rusty Androids most people have a million of.

If you're looking for something useful to use some of these cards you'd otherwise have no use for then please consider our service.

You'll not only be obtaining another means of receiving upvotes for your Steemit posts, but you'll also likely be indirectly helping another Steemian through the free cards they win from our team's giveaways.

You can use the "Market" on the Steem Monsters website or the Market on Peakmonsters to assess the current values of each of the rewards collection cards at any given time before you send.

Payment Procedure

When sending a card, send the reward card to the @givememonsters Steem Monsters account and NOT to my personal account.

This will help us track the cards that we are receiving through this service.

Following transfer of the rewards card, navigate to the latest daily @givememonsters daily post and provide a comment stating the card donated and provide us with the link to your post.

When we log in next to check the account, we will then upvote your post, and we will reply to the comment on our daily post with a mention to you so that you will be able to see it an know our upvote has been complete and so we can track which posts we have completed our upvotes for on each daily post.


If you have any questions related to this service please contact me directly or any one of the @jonnyla08 team members and we will be happy to assist you as soon as we can.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and we look forward to continuing to serve our followers in the best way that we can!

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I am an automatic upvote bot, only for #steemmonsters, #steemmonster. If i liked your post, you will get an upvote. Only for Steemmonsters. Once a day, i published the posts, that have recieved an upvote.

All the best for your venture. Seeing there is always a need for upvoting within the community, I'm sure it'll be successful.

What a great idea. I'll be watching for more updates. 👍👍

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I'm glad you like it @wonderwop! I hope to have it up and running soon, by about next week. Just need to clear some previous delegations and what not so I can send a bunch of steem/SP over there to get it moving. Maybe you can help me test it at some point?


You just let me know what you need. 👍

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