Anyone have EXTRA Steemmonsters cards(to donate to a good cause)

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A little over a week ago I decided to dedicate myself and all my available resources to help other great steemians here grow. So I powered up my account to 4000SP, delegated almost half of it away. If you would like more information see my most recent update to check out what else we are doing.



As a part of my commitment to the great minnows-to-be that are a part of my project, I have built a pretty basic set of steemmonsters cards for my group to play. However the deck is lacking in a few areas.

This is where you may come in. If you or someone you know has extra cards or have stopped playing, maybe I could sweet talk you into helping our project by donating a few. What they are doesn't matter.(we will even take the crappy rewards cards you don't want.) Any donations may be sent to this(@johndoer123) account.



Well, we will combine them with our cards or sell them to buy the ones we need. This we will do to help build the deck.

What is the purpose of the deck? To win daily rewards and tournaments. All our winnings will be used to power up our great steemians to get them to minnowhood as fast as possible.


ANYONE WHO DONATES WILL RECIEVE A WEEKS WORTH OF ALL OUR PROJECTS ACCOUNTS UPVOTING YOU FOR THREE DAYS(at least one post a day, but may be more based on your donation.) This is about $0.07 to $0.10 per post. Also, if your not a heavy poster, we can upvote your comments. Just let me know when you donate. Also, there may be a secret surprise in the near future for all those that donate.

Thanks to everyone who has already offered support in the form of money, upvotes, faith in me, belief in the project, helping or anything else you great Steemians have done. Our project, our minnows-to-be and I all thank you from the bottoms of our hearts. And we spend you our best well wishes. And thanks also in advance to each of you who are willing or able to help in the future.


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I'm pretty sure I have some spare ones. Will take a look at send them over.

Sending you some from @itisjustme and @monstermother. I have some gold foil reward cards I can spare in my @monsterdoom account. They might be good for selling, since they are worth more. Will take a look in a second.


@simplymike, you are simplywonderful! But you already kmew that. Thanks so much. I'm feeling a lot better already anout being able to get this deck together for all of us. @hermannSOL is already chomping at the bit to play. This is great! Matt even said he would help out. But im going to see how we do with just the community support first. I hope your weekend is going great for you and the wife!🤗🤗 there's a hug for both of you!


You're welcome, @johndoer123 :0)
Hope you'll get even more response


Glad I could help, @johndoer123
Hope you'll get even more response

Just sent you a couple of cards 😊
Hope it will help your cause



I will get you added to get you some votes. Should be able to get it done within the next couple hours. We really do appreciate you and your helping us help others!


You're welcome. I just wanted to give something back ;)


And we are already returning the favor. Thank you sooo much friend!

Well.. you forgot to write where to send those cards 😉 to @johndoer123 or to @doer-minnows?


Well kinda. I figure that if someone wants to donate they will probably leave a comment before donating...but i think you are right...let me fix it.🤪


That should be better.😁


Well.. now I know where to send some of my unused rewards 😉

Hi @johndoer123 nice project and good idea. I will support and send you steemmonsters card Once every 2 days.. And to begin with today I will send to you alpha serpentine soldier.

Have a nice day my friend..I hope we can both cooperate and support each other

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Its no wonder i only hear good things about you. And every time i run into you, you are always doing great things. I truly do appreciate just the one card. I assure you that you dont need to donate on a regualr basis, although of you decide to it would help a lot of oeople. And I believe it would grant you honorary Doer-Minnow status. And since you were nice enough to donate, you will be added to our thank you vote list. I hope you have a great weekend and that all is well for you friend!

I wish you the best with your initiative and I have sent a handful of cards your way.


THANKS!! I think we might just get us an alright deck put together thanks to all you great community leaders! All this help will go a long way in helping get these guys to minnowhood.

Hi, I don't understand how it works.

What the set of cards - the 1 deck that the group may play?
For daily quests? What's with the penalty thow?