Do You Know About The Steem Monsters Market Place?

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Did you know you could buy and sell Steem Monsters cards directly on the Steem Blockchain?!

Click here to go to Steem Monsters:

I wanted to share an example of how to use the Steem Monsters Market Place!

Here is one of my cards on the marketplace! It is a Lord of Darkness Gold Foil Legendary Card!

Simply click the "Sell Button" in the bottom left and you will instantly be able to host your card on the Market!

Now, their is a 5% fee is your card is actually sold! And you are paid in liquid Steem or Sbd when someone buys your card! More details to come as I continue to use this service!

Click the link below to learn all of the official rules to becoming a Steem Monsters affiliate and how to create your own special link!


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Good post jerry cuckfield no 2

sir, will you please make a blog on non- investment plan.....🤗

I see you have very good cards:

I am selling 8 spirit and 8 chromatic in 120 steem !!!!

Price in the market is 130.35 steem

leave the notification of sale in the discord of steem monster, in case you are interested.

You should offer an online course in Udemy about steem monster.


I will be adding new videos soon to myncourse! Great suggestion!!