Win This Feral Spirit Steem Monsters Card For FREE Today!

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Would you like to have this Steem Monsters Card for FREE?!

Thats right... You can have this card just by entering our Steem Monsters giveaway contest!

Follow the steps below to have a chance at winning!

  1. First, make sure to follow me @joeparys to be alerted to my weekly Steem Monsters Giveaway Videos!
  2. Second, Upvote and Re-Steem this post to share about Steem Monsters and this Giveaway! 
  3. Third, visit the Steem Monsters official website (not required to but appreciated!) using my referral link to create your Steem Monsters Acccount (if you have not already!)
  4. Comment below telling me something unique about youself, why you would like to win this card, how long you have been playing Steem Monsters and any other reason why you think you should win this card! The most well rounded comment will win this card!

Good Luck and I will See You on The Battlefield!


what do you think of splinter lands?

dear joe, first thx for what you doing for the community! Nice work and real value fur ipcoming users!
I have a question about steem price and why it doesn't get higher, meanwhile bitcoin doubles in the last weeks?
I want to do some bid promotions with you, but I could't find you on steemupvotebot. Did you stop, because of losts?
What is the bottom line steem prize, to garant a 25% profit from promotions?
Or has this issue to do with the upcoming ad programm on steem?
Sorry, more questions than I thought, but Iam sure, you find one answer for this!
Have a nice weekend!

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Congratulations! You have won this card! Thank you for participating!

These are really great questions! Check out my Steemit Mastery Class.

@joeparys, With this card i will explore the Spirit World. 😁

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Thank you for participating! Keep an eye out for more card giveaways!

Welcome. 👍

Let me level with you... If I win, that cat's going to burn. He's going to become 750 DEC. It will go towards a good cause, trust me!

Thank you for participating! Keep an eye out for more card giveaways!

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